Deleted Runs Restored
Deleted Runs Restored
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What happened?

On the 8th of January 2021 @scorpionblaze (aka ToasterBaff) realized that the categories for this game were disorganized and messy. He made the choice to redo the game's categories. It is very tedious to make a big change to a leaderboard like this. So he deleted all of the categories, when a category is deleted all the runs in it also are deleted. This sacrifice to remove the categories did improve the board.

Now there is a big gap in this game's history with a lot of runs (110 in total) no longer on the leaderboards So that's why I have decided to run a script though this game's audit log and resubmit all of the runs. (Site staff do have tools to restore categories but here they couldn't help)

The audit log doesn't tell us what platform or time the runs were, so currently all of them are in pending waiting to be retimed and their platform corrected, at the moment their platform is Android Runs that are in Easy or Normal also need to be sorted into a Granny/Grandpa sub-category, at the moment their sub-category is "Both"

If you do not want your run on this leaderboard then please delete it or message me or another mod, if you want to edit or correct something about your run then feel free to do so.

@scorpionblaze and I will be working for the next while to submit all the runs and replace the history.

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