The Granny Speedrun Glitch Guide

By YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5 Last updated

This glitch guide will be never complete
Made by @YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5
More glitches that might not be on this list
If you think anymore glitches should be added then message me



Abandoned Dining Room Vase Clip

Found by @ChoclerChocler
Theses types of clips can only be done in almost any of the corners in new updated v1.7 areas
1. Crouch
2. Look roughly at the mark on the wall
3. Drop the vase
4. Quickly stand up


Vent OOB

Found by @ChoclerChocler
oob = out of bounds
This is how I do it, there are other ways
This glitch can be done with the hammer, melon, gasoline can or vase. There are other items but these are the most useful.
This can be done on both sides
1. Look down
2. Walk into the bottom right corner
3. Move the joystick to the bottom right
4. Move it to the top right
5. Drop the item.


Well Skip

This works on all sides of the well
1. Crouch under the roof of the well
2. Stand still
3. Stand up


Crossbow Crouch Skip

Found by @ChoclerChocler
1. On the Secret Area Top Floor there is a line on the floor
2. At the right of that line, in the wall, there should be a cross
3. Look and crouch at it
4. Stand up


Screwdriver Glitch

Found by LightningBlueDragon (probably)
This glitch will get the Screwdriver down without the Crossbow or the Shotgun
1. Pick up the vase
2. Look at a certain spot in the Bathroom, this area is noticeable once you know where it is. It kinda looks like a finger
3. Drop the vase


Secret Area Entrance Stair Glitch

Found by Darylsthot
This glitch only happens sometimes
1. From the Walk-In Closet head to the Secret Area Entrance stairs
2. Walk on to the top stair and crouch
3. Stand up


Bed Stuck Glitch

It is best to do this glitch at the start of a day and it takes some luck to do. This can also be done with any bed.
If you tap and hold on the bed button then release when Granny is in the right spot you will be more precise because you hide when you take your finger off, so this will skip having to bring your finger down.

Bedroom 1:

1. Make a noise in Bedroom 1 Granny should be in the Basement or the Main Room
2. Stand by the back corner of the bed
3. Hide when Granny comes around the corner of the bed

Starting Bedroom:

1. Make noise in the Starting Bedroom Granny should be in the Basement or the Main Room
2. Stand next to the bed behind the Static Table
3. When Granny comes around the corner of the Static Table hide


Backyard Lever Without The Screwdriver

Found by @ChoclerChocler (probably)
1. Crouch
2. Walk under the Backyard Lever
3. Walk backwards a bit
4. Stand up


Table Glitch

Found by @ChoclerChocler
This glitch is hard to do and requires luck, due to not being good at this glitch I can't put many instructions
1. Walk into the table
2. Walk towards the cabinet


Hidden Closet Crouch Glitch

@ChoclerChocler was one of the first people to do this glitch consistently
This is the setup I use, different screen sizes may need different setups and it is hard to do this glitch fast
1. Crouch
2. Walk into the Hidden Closet
3. Walk back to the edge of the Hidden Closet
4. Look at the line on the floor
5. Stand up


Sewer Switch Skip

This only works with the Crossbow
1. Crouch at the Sewer Cell door
2. Shoot the Crossbow

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