Any% RTA New Route as of 3/8/2019 (JP item/area translations included)

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Disc 1-

Disc 2 -

This is the newest version of the route. Japanese translations credit goes to Etsuna:

For best viewing of this document, I HIGHLY recommend downloading it in a Word or Google document if you can.

Before reading: As far as we know, we think the PSTV might be the best console to run the game on. Game has problems when it runs on PS2 hardware, such as freezing, sound looping and a lot of lag. If you cannot get a PSTV, I highly suggest running on PS2 until investing in a PSTV/the equipment to capture one with. As long as you save often on PS2, you will be okay.

From now on, this is where all of the updates for this guide will go to.

-11/21/2017: The time the new route was linked here on this site.
-12/15/2017: Since I have been asked a lot about Master Chang. Our good friend, Etsuna, has a really good example of the fight in one of the runs he did here:

So, in short:
-Diggin' Justin and Sue 3 times (hope he attacks Justin)
-Use Smarna Weed you bought in New Parm before Chang from Sue
-Attack with Justin as much as possible so Chang keeps away from Sue.
-Attack/Heal from Sue as much as possible/when needed.

-12/28/2017 Just in case no one gets lost, here is the directions for the Warp Space after beating Gaia Battler 2

-3/8/2019. Disc 2 guide has been updated

Note While the route might have changed a bit, it is still being worked on. So expect the links to change at some point in the future. It is still a beginner-friendly route, as long as you don't do the Lord's Ghost fight in Castle of Dreams.