Leaderboard Poll: Hardware Separation (Gravity Rush Remastered only)
2 years ago
Los Angeles, CA, USA

With the release of the PS5 we are having a poll on if we should separate the leaderboard into categories according to hardware.

These are the options:

  1. Keep the leaderboard as is. This means just having the player indicating the hardware (system and hard drive) they are on for the run, but they will all be displayed on the same board.

  2. Separate PS4/PS4Pro and PS5. This option would create 2 categories, but we keep the rest of the board as is for both types of PS4s and hard drives.

  3. Separate PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5. This option would create 3 categories, but would still keep the different hard drive types on each board.

  4. Separate HDD/SSD for PS4/PS4Pro, and PS5. This option would create 3 categories based on hard drive type, but not console.

  5. Separate all consoles and hard drive types. This option would create 5 categories, separating all console and hardware combinations.

In order to have your vote counted you will need to have a verified full game run in any category on this board. In order to cast your vote respond to this thread with the number you are voting for and feel free to include your reasoning if you would like. You have until December 31, 2020 for your vote to be counted. After that we will tally the votes and make any changes if necessary.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

My vote is option 1

Washington, USA
She/Her, They/Them
2 years ago

I am not a runner of this game but I am doing a project comparing various setups, largely for funsies but perhaps incidentally for speedrun leaderboard purposes. I'm playing about a dozen games on PS4/HDD, PS4Pro/SSD, PS5, and where applicable PS3/HDD, PS3/SSD, and PC. Obviously GRR wouldn't factor into the latter, but I'd be more than happy to include it in my data analysis if it would help the community at all.


Vote for 1 You can divide it, but in that case it's 5 If you are worried about the time that changes due to hardware performance, it is meaningless unless you divide it thoroughly

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He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Yo I can't vote since I'm not a runner but imagine asking people to have to drop an extra 500$ just to have a chance at being competitive in a community this small. All I'll say is this looks bad imo, especially before a GDQ showing where new players could potentially look into the game.


Even though i dont really like it, for us at this moment it probably makes most sense. I think better thing would be to figure out some other way of balancing times manually, even if it wouldn't be the most accurate. If we were larger and more competetive then we would have to look into doing something, but i dont think its worth the effort right now.