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I'm new to this I did a run yesterday just with the hades helm that gives maxed out health magic and item meters.

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You can use Godly possessions on NG+, by definition. Since there is no true NG+ mode in GoW3 like there is on GoW2, we define NG+ as using the stuff you unlock from a previous playthrough (namely: costumes, godly possessions, Combat Arena for NG+ glitch).

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Thank you 😁 I figured I'd ask before I submit the run, platted it last year while waiting to get my collectors edition for gow 2018 on my bday and came back to it on the 11th of this year

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Good luck on this run. It is the most interesting glitch run for gow 3 to me, and a new runner on it is always welcome


Thank you very much 😁 I might do another run on stream this month idk when though