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I am requesting the creation of a new misc speedrun category for God of War 3:


The idea is to play with Fear Kratos but without the godly items used in the already-existing Very Hard NG+ Glitchless category, so no infinite magic, items, and rage. No glitches allowed, with the same rules as the standard Very Hard Glitchless category.

The appeal of this category is that Fear Kratos has a 4x multiplier in both attacks dealt and received. The extra care that must be taken during fights makes for an interesting challenge, while at the same time the increased damage allows for new strategies. Balancing these two atributes is expected to create a very fun speedun.

The category has already been played by DEUSDAGUERRA, who got a 3:43:05 time, although he may not submit the run here. I plan to starting running this category right now, after having played all the other glitchless categories. The creation of this category may encourage other runners to play it as well, increasing the longevity of our God of War speedrunning community.

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