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This thread will be the place in which announcements about all important changes related to speedruning Gopogo (i.e. connected with the timing method) are going to be presented.

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The mod team decided to slightly modify the rules of IL runs by making Any% category rules more precise by adding one more situation in which the timer stops.

All Individual Level runs have been double checked and those who required retiming have already been retimed by using the new method of timing (which resulted in getting slightly better times).

Runners of the already verified runs that were affected by the modification mentioned above will be informed about their certain runs being retimed.

All new IL runs are going to be timed by using the new method.

ILs Category Rules are going to be like the following:
Timer starts as soon as you leave the ground after your first bounce and ends when you have arrived on the last platform or have hit one of the characters on it.

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Glad that bouncing on the characters was finally put in. Felt weird having to avoid bouncing on the characters.

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