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The current 1st place run in Any% Glitchless ( clips through a fence in the mini-village at 13:26 in the vid. This makes it invalid for that category, correct?

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Hey! Thanks for looking out for any possible cheating!

However, this is not a clip. This is simply getting on top of the fence and simply walking over, and that isn't per se a glitch. A similar case could be made for going over the same fence at 12:53, but that's just lifting yourself over a fence too.

Using a prop to gain height to get over a fence, however, is forbidden. I think that still gets used in other categories where you use the prop to also get on top of the bell tower.

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The big distinction here is that you're able to walk over the fence, in both directions, with no object or weird sequence of button presses. If it required a clip or a hover to do, it would not be allowed in glitchless. But since it is only using main movement techniques of the game, we don't define it as a glitch.

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