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By IL, I mean Individual Level, or in this case, Individual area.
The categories would include doing all of the main tasks in any given area as quickly as possible.
Could you maybe consider these categories?

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We have given them some thought already, but decided against it as there is no good way to do the ILs. The moment you reset an area, it is appearing in a "finished state", so the final task wouldn't unlock after doing all but one task, but be available for the start. Since it isn't applicable for anything on any leaderboard, we opted to not include these. This has been a community understanding for a while.

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I see. I didn't really think about the final task. Ok.


we would need to think about IL's for the final task NG and NG+ because you could cut the rose in back garden from a completed save file in under 50 seconds or so yeah you would need a separate save for IL's.


I still think ILs would be fun. You could to a New Game category and a NG+.


That could add alot more stuff such as:
any% NG+ where you could just go to the bell starting from the lake and clip through the fence like in AMT cause its a finished file and make it like a bow% long category
Any% Glitchless NG+ is the same thing as any% but bell return so it is like 3 minutes at the average slow speed
AMT/ AHT NG+ same thing happens
However instead of hundo NG+ it would be all Tasks beacuse you can just get the crow and legally be done.