[Outdated] Any% Glitchless Guide

By EskeNitroEskeNitro. Last updated

This is the basic order of events that most people have been routing their runs around. While this game can require quick-thinking and improv, this guide may help you with getting the cycles on time and planning just a little better. Due to the nature of creating a guide so early, this will most likely be obsolete very soon, but I hope it can help you anyway!


1.Turn on the sprinkler until the gardener opens the gate and then turn it off.
If he doesn’t get caught in the sprinkler then:
Run up to the gardener and steal keys. (Completes ‘Enter the Garden’ and ‘Steal the Groundskeepers keys’)
Bring keys to sprinkler.
Turn the sprinkler on and off again. (Completes ‘Make the groundskeeper wet’)
If he does get caught in the sprinkler then:
Run up to the groundskeeper and steal his keys (Completes ‘Enter the Garden’ and ‘Steal the
groundskeepers keys’)
Bring keys to the flower bed
2. Take the flower from the flower bed and take the groundskeepers hat when he plants it.
3. Hide hat in the leaves on the top right of the garden and grab rake.
4. Put rake in the lake and return to the garden. (Completes ‘Rake in the lake’ and ‘Make the groundskeeper wear his sunhat’)
5. Honk when the gardener is about to hit the sign. (Completes ‘Make the groundskeeper hammer his thumb’)
Stand behind him when he’s falling to get into the next area slightly early.

High Street

1. Honk and chase after the boy and untie one of his shoelaces when he goes into the phone box.
2. Take the boys plane and place it in the shop.
3. Break the shopkeepers broom when they attempt to chase you away. (Completes ‘Break the broom’)
4. Return to the area near the phone box making sure to take a pair of glasses with you.
5. Place the glasses down outside and press the switch in the tv store. (Completes ‘Get on TV’)
6. Return to the boy and take his glasses when he goes to retie his shoelaces.
7. Give him the pair you took from the shop (Completes ‘Make the boy wear the wrong glasses’)
8. Honk and chase the boy to get him to try and repurchase his toy plane. (Completes ‘Make someone buy back their own stuff’)
9. While the animation for this task is playing out, steal another pair of glasses from the shop.
10. The woman will chase you so lead her to the garage door and place the glasses down.
11. When she opens the garage door pick up the glasses again and run inside to lure her in.
12. Place the glasses down and close the garage door. (Completes ‘Trap the shopkeeper in the garage’)
13. When she finishes the knocking animation pick up the glasses again and exit to the next area.

Back Gardens

This section of the game is incredibly improv heavy so this guide cannot really help you with the seemingly random movements that seem to be involved, but just look for when the man starts his cycles with drinking his tea and improv based on that.

1. Walk through the loose boards in the fence and place the glasses behind the small bush opposite the man.
2. Steal one of the slippers while the man is reading his newspaper and place it behind the large bush at the back of his garden.
3. Grab the glasses and get the man's attention with them, causing him to drop his newspaper and chase you.
4. He will take the glasses off you to throw them into the woman's garden, so while he is doing this take his newspaper and place it behind the large bush. (Only the tea is required for the rest of his quests and if he has the newspaper it slows down his tea drinking cycle)
5. Take either his hat or pipe off the table and circle round past his chair to out speed him so he will not chase you to the bottom of the garden.
6. Repeat this with the item you did not take last time.
7. Open the entrance to the woman's garden and bring the hat, glasses and pipe up to the bust so she can place them on. (Completes ‘Help the Woman dress up the bust’)
8. If the man starts drinking his tea during step 7 or after you have completed it, make sure to set off the bell. (Completes ‘Make the man spit out his tea’)
9. While the woman is resetting the bell, take the ribbon off the duck statue and drag the statue behind the table at the front of the garden.
10. Lure her towards the empty space with the ribbon or by honking and get in position. (Completes ‘Get dressed up with a ribbon’)
11. Pickup the purple vase and carry it over to the man's garden by pulling on of the draws out from the drawer.
12. Place it behind the large bush and then steal the man's remaining shoe (Completes ‘Make the man go barefoot’)
13. Get the man to throw the vase over the fence. (Completes ‘Get someone to break the purple vase’)
14. Go through to the woman’s garden and attack the bush sculpture.
15. Move the man’s prize rose by dragging it to the end after he moves the sign in front of it.
16. Wait for the woman to fix her sculpture, causing her to snip the rose. (Completes ‘Make someone prune the prize rose’)
17. Grab the bra hanging from the washing line and make the woman chase you to the back left of her garden.
18. Place the bra down and wait for her to move the piece of purple fence.


This is also an improv heavy area due to the sheer amount of characters acting on different cycles in this area. After the ‘Steal a pint glass and drop it into the canal’ task the circumstances can differ greatly so the last part may happen very differently to this guide.

1. Run up to the burly man and untie one of his shoelaces, then run past him. (Completes ‘Get into the pub’)
2. Go to the bottom left of the pub and depending on the old man's placement, either honk at him and hide or sneak up behind him.
3. When he gets his harmonica and goes to sit down, move him chair away from him. (Completes ‘Make the old man fall on his bum’)
4. Run up the stairs and grab a pint glass from the table closest to you.
5. Run back down and depending on how far the burly man has gotten, either honk to move him away from the gate and then run, or run quickly through the gate while he is tying his shoelaces.
6. Run to the gate at the bottom of the pub area and lower your head before placing the glass down to open the gate.
7. Pick the glass up and drop it in the canal (Completes ‘Steal a pint glass and drop it in the canal’)
8. Get back into the pub the same way you did before.
9. Run up to the 2 women seated at the table and honk, duck, and spread your wings in quick succession. (Completes ‘Be awarded a flower’)
10. Run up to the man and honk when he goes to throw his dart. (Completes ‘Break the dartboard’)
11. Run up onto the deck where the woman walks around and turn on the tap.
12. Evade the woman by ducking under tables until the water starts to overflow from the sink.
13. Take the toy boat and don’t place it down until the task is completed. (Completes ‘Get the toy boat’)
14. Turn off the tap.
15. Lead the woman to chase you to the stairs to trigger her to enter the area behind the large gate. Get the burly man to chase you until you reach the large gate.
16. Go through the area under the deck and honk from the other side.
17. Quickly move a tomato from the box to the floor next to it.
18. Go back through to the area under the deck until the burly man enters the area behind the large gate.
19. Run up the stairs and to the left and throw the bucket on his head when he goes to put the tomato back in the box. (Completes ‘Drop a bucket on the burly man’s head’)
20. Go back to the area behind the large gate and use the lid of the bin to hop over the fence when the burly man opens it.
21. Unlock the gate behind you as you exit.

Model Village

This is the final segment of the game and probably my favourite part. Just remember to use all of the environment tricks you’ve already learned to your advantage.

1. Swim under the bridge and hop over the red brick wall.
2. Travel to the model castle and destroy all the buttons on your controller/keyboard to break the walls faster.
3. Grab the bell when it falls and hop back over the red brick wall to swim back to the pub. (Completes ‘Steal the beautiful miniature golden bell’)
4. If the bots are feeling nice you should be able to just run straight through, but if not, use the area under the deck to your advantage.
5. Run over the bridge that crosses the canal into the back gardens.
6. Stick to the left wall of the woman’s garden and travel up to the top to topple her drawer again. (Sometimes the woman may still be picking up bits of her vase when you get there, this gives you a significant advantage)
7. Pick the bell back up and run through the man’s garden in the most straightforward way his placement when you get there will allow.
8. Run to the High Street.
9. Hug the back of the area and run through the woman’s shop. (This will give you extra time as she will always go to pick up her broom)
10. As you get near the end of the high street, the boy will act like he is coming for the bell but run away when you get near him.
11. Run into the garden.
12. When you get near the gardener, weave around the yellow box to out maneuver him.
13. Run to the lake and swim back to the beginning area.
14. Drop your bell in the pile and stop your timer when it hits the floor. (Completes ‘...and take it all the way back home’)