Autosplitter Information Post

By EroEro. Last updated

The autosplitter for Untitled Goose Game has been finalized.
This is an add-on component for the LiveSplit timer and does not work with any other program. This component only works for the PC version of the game.



How to install it:

• open your split file (any category) and Right Click → Edit Splits...
• make sure the game name is set to "Untitled Goose Game"
• above your splits, an "Activate" button will appear, which you need to click
• done!


How to use it:

• after activating, the "Settings" button will become available to you
• in the settings, you can choose when to split/reset/pause
• make sure you have at least as many splits in your file as you have ticked in the settings
• you can also manually split and reset



• start timer on first honk
• split on completed tasks (can be individually selected) or on intro screen
• reset when restarting, quitting to the menu, or creating a new save game
• pause timer in different places (not relevant for speedrunning, testing purposes only)

When the game updates, the autosplitter will likely break and we need to fix the pointers. Please notify us when there is an issue.
Created by Dregu and Ero.