Bow% guide (good for beginners)

By VHSquidVHSquid. Last updated

This speedrun aims to trick Tina into giving us the bow as fast as possible. It uses multiple glitches, most involving the boot. I'd say that the run serves as a perfect way to learn harder tricks for runs like any%. This description outlines an ideal route, and not all tricks are necessary to complete the run.

Title Screen:
1) Honk, duck, grab the boot, and run to the gate.
2) Boot clip through the gate.
3) Keep your head low in the water to increase speed (IDK why but it's faster).

1) Clip up the rock next to the lily pads and run northwest until you reach a northbound canal.
2) Swim up river with your head down, then raise it once you reach the canal bridge (it tends to get stuck on the reeds).
3) Butt launch (crouch, run, and spam B ) up the little beach's leftmost corner until you're level with the bridge.
4) Pointing the boot where you wish to go, slowly slide along the wall toward the bridge until you're up.

1) Run east until you hit Tina's fence.
2) Boot clip inside.
3) Grab the bow and drag the statue to the fish statue.
4) Honk at Tina while she's getting the old statue to draw her attention.
5) Become Dapper.

In theory, the speedrun should be possible in 1 minute 30 seconds. The hardest tricks are clipping into Tina's yard with the boot and butt launching. The run helps me practice any% since Butt Launching is just boot skip with a fun name and Tina's clip feels similar to bell clip, so I hope it helps y'all figure this game out too.

My former 1:59 WR (gg Lain)