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A few runs on here I've seen have the timers incorrect.

They're showing "Seconds; Frames", instead of "Seconds; Milliseconds"

So a time (The WR for example) 47;19, is 47 seconds and 19 frames. 19 / 30 is 0.633, so the record is actually 47.633.

Just a quick note as I've already seen 3 runs incorrectly timed.


Ah ok, I didn't even know that was a thing tbh.
Its gonna be a bit hard though if lots of people have done it wrong if we need to change the times 😕

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Well if anything the former WR is also timed wrong so you still have WR SeemsGood


Right, so leave things for now but in future runs make sure it is using the correct timing methods?


it wouldn't be that difficult to retime them though, you just need to have your timer open and watch the video. enter the retimed amount as the time.