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Hello everyone,

first I want to welcome all the new runners, I am very happy about how many runners we are getting lately!
With that we also have more voices and opinions on what's good for the game.
I got asked about the current rules in this post:

After some considering here are 5 changes I am proposing:



1) Single Map: Unlocking the settings for Strokes and Time Limit

The original rules (Locked Strokes at 12 and Time Limit at 2:00) were meant to ensure an even playing field for all runners.
Golf It! is a hard speedrun game with many resets. Unlocking both settings (which means you can set it to whatever you want) would make it easier for new runners to get started in this speedrun. However this should not lead to shorter runs, since you still want to use as little Strokes as possible to save time.


2) All Maps: Unlocking the settings for Strokes and Time Limit and make it True 100%

With Strokes unlocked for Single Map, it only makes sense to atleast consider unlocking it for All Maps aswell. This opens up the opportunity to change "All 6 Maps" to a 100% category (which means getting 108/108 Holes). Previously this was not really possible, because getting every single Hole with only 12 Strokes was extremely hard and not fun.
Changing it to 100% makes sense, because it prevents the use of fast-finishing a Hole with RF-button spam, since you actually have to finish all Holes.


3) Ban hats from Hard mode

Some hats are straight and could be used as shooting indicator. This neglegts the whole point of Hard mode and should be banned in my opinion.


4) Using only the same hole in Hard mode

So I was trying Hard mode for a bit. I was able to do most of the strats from Classic, so there isn't too much of a difference compared to Classic.
What if we add a rule that forces you to always use the Hole of the current level. This way the routes at least somewhat differ from the routes in Classic, because you can't cheat your way through some levels and the run actually gets harder.


5) Adding Easy (or Any%) mode

I noticed Easy is not added yet. I propose adding Easy Mode as a new category next to Classic, Hard and Co-Op. Alternative Shooting could also be allowed for this mode, since you get an indicator for your Shooting Power .
Instead of adding Easy mode we could also add Any%. Here you would be allowed to set the rules however you want. This could lead to some crazy strats and time-saves, I'm really excited about.


Your turn

So these are the changes I am proposing. I want to make sure everybody can accept these changes.
Therefore I will wait until 2020-01-12 15:00 (UTC+00:00) before implementing these changes to hear your opinions about it.
- Changes 1-3 will get implemented, if nobody objects.
- Changes 4 and 5 are food for thought. If you want them to be implemented make a post here in this thread in favour of it.
Until then make sure to use the old rules still.

~ Cheers, Lofty

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This is to inform you, that the new rules are now in action.
Have a nice day!
~ Lofty


Hi Lofty, I'm writing this little post to thank you for all the work you've done.
I haven't had time to look at the page in the last few weeks but you've done an amazing job.

Regarding rule number 4, I agree with you, the Classic and Hard mode runs are not really different. The strategies used in the Classic mode can be used in the Hard mode.
This new rule could make the Hard mode harder, I think it's good!

For the last rule, it will certainly bring creativity from the runners to save time. I'm not against it either.

Thanks again for your work, Bandoleras 🙃


Thanks a lot Lofty for reading our long posts and taking the time to think about it and discuss them.
I hope the changes are for the best.

In my case, I'm really happy with those decisions and will certainly get back to the speedrun of the game soon 🙂

I'm still sure that because of this changes, more people could be interested in the game and it will be a really cool run to do in a race setup 🙂

See you on the green !

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