Melon Race
Ohio, USA

there needs to be a separate leader board for gmod 9 melon race, and gmod 13 melon race. there is a speed difference between the 2 plus all of the new records that are on the LB rn are gmod 13

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There's no active, good moderator for the individual levels as of now. I asked the only moderator who still sometimes verifies runs for her opinion on if I should start verifying these runs and whether there should be a category split between the gmod 9/13 runs. I got an answer that as far she is aware, they are identical - however, if you say that there's a difference between the two, there definitely should be a split, I agree.

On top of this, as I am supposed to be the full-game verifier/moderator (HL Co-Op leaderboard), we'd definitely need a verifier & a person to handle the individual level section, at least the gm_melonrace part of it. I am not a good option for that, since I never played the gamemode myself, and hence couldn't tell time differences like these.

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I've separated the two now. Which one should be the one displayed first? GMod 13 since it's more popular now or GMod 9 due to its origins?

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Ohio, USA

THANK YOU!!! i would say gmod 13 since its more popular yea

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There have been a few runs with no evidence (which I obviously rejected), but also a few runs that started the recording too late, with the LAP! text already fading out.

I will verify the ones that are already in the queue, but I added a rule that the run has to be started before this text.

Ohio, USA

tysm, also if it isnt to much trouble could you add to the rules that you must have cl_showpos 1 enabled? it makes it easier to tell if the run is fake since we can see the melons velocity


I saw one run that had it enabled and the velocity showed 0.00 constantly though. Also, one problem with that is that I doubt, and would suspect that barely anyone checks the rules as of now since most of them are new to the site. From my experience with modding Lost Coast, many new people submit a run with an invalid ruleset, get rejected, and never submit again. It could be added as a rule for the top 5 or something, but again, if it shows 0.00 I don't know how much it's gonna help other than checking that it's not spliced.

By the way, there seem to be two different maps, one being _redux, and I am not sure if I have been accidentally verifying runs of both maps. This for example, is it different from other runs?


Updates: I discussed with the person who made the addon and the cl_showpos does indeed show velocity now, and should be enabled by default now to ease the verification.

On top of that, I split gm_melonrace & gm_melonrace_redux.

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