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Noone has gotten PC working, which is the reason there isn't a listing for it. Empty categories look ugly as heck, but if you get a run we'll put it on there.


If you managed to get the PC version running nicely, I'd love to know how!


Yo, years late to the thread and not a runner - but here goes.

I got a patch from here:

This got the game working, albeit without the music, but the actual game is running properly in hardware mode with a couple of tweaks. The music likely streams from disc, I won't be able to test if it works with an iso mounted virtually until I rip and mount the disc myself. I have a copy arriving soon and will be able to properly check then.

By default its going to launch in software mode, it looks like ass and has major stretching issues. Swap your card in the config tool to either 3DFX Voodoo Chipset or Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Voodoo 2. (The former works but seems to have a lower draw distance? I've not tested much to see what card ends up having a config with the highest draw distance much yet.)

Other things:
Apparently L-Cancelling is on f12, with no way to rebind that. I'm using steam input to remap things on my controller so the game is mildly more playable. (hence the accidental steam screenshots in the video)
The game flickers or just doesn't output whatsoever if you enable Progressive scanline order in dgvoodoo
This patch seems to completely disable FMVs, because they'd crash the game when they started playing normally on the PC build on modern computers.

Hopefully this helps. I'll also update if the music works when mounting the disc virtually, then outside of the FMVs being removed its pretty much playable?


The music works without problems with the disc inserted, gonna look into a way to rip the game while leaving the audio tracks intact. That way you'd just be able to mount the image and have the music play without needing the disc.
(also sorry for using the wrong forum! Didn't realise that the versions were split but I hope this information is useful regardless)

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We have a separate LB for Glover PC and Glover PS1 because of the differences. Great stuff though, I want to look into getting Glover PC to run at some point as well.


Got the music working using this tutorial:

This basically just meant: rip the music from the disc, put it in the game filepath (Glover/Data/Sound) and point it there in the ini. Game now has the music without needing the disc inserted.

This means have the game completely patched and working on windows 10 with this fix included. (Aside from the cutscenes still being removed)

I could distribute this if needed? Its basically just the skychase patch hardware mode enabled and music working


Well as I had said earlier... There is a separate leader board for "Glover (PC)" - (How it actually comes up when you search for Glover in the search bar here on SRC...) and if you check there, Ryguy has a run on it for an example.

That being said, with the cut-scenes being skipped it would invalidate any runs of the game, but I like the effort to try and make it work.


Honestly I think you've worded the pointing me to the PC board VERY rudely here, especially when I'm only here because I'm trying to help. I do get that there is a PC board, I even edited the above post to acknowledge that.

At the same time, there isn't much reason to be so rude when I'm just documenting how to fix it. I'm on topic for this thread. When theres quite literally a post saying "If you managed to get the PC version running nicely, I'd love to know how!" and I come in explaining how, I wouldn't expect for someone to just be dismissive and rude to me for answering the question.

I will, however, stop posting about this. I was planning to try and figure out how to fix video playback next (which should hopefully then make it valid for runs) but at the same time I don't really want to look into that anymore. This is just me trying to help by documenting how I fixed things since this thread is quite about how the PC version doesn't work. Being dismissive just makes me want to stop compiling fixes for it.


Rusto was probably implying that you could just post those on the Glover PC page, which would be a more relevant and helpful place to post it. He was not rude in any sort of way, not even in the slightest. Considering this thread is over 3 years old, he simply let you know so that you can post in a more helpful place, as this leaderboard is just for N64 version now. Maybe try not to take it so personally dude, lol.

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As Silo mentioned I wasn't trying to be rude at all, I was just stating that the LB was split because this would be more relevant in the PC section as people looking to run/fix the PC version would probably look there.

I'm sorry you interpreted my messages as dismissive or rude.