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I've set up a rule set, completed a run, and have a video at the ready. What do I do from here?


This could be a fun category, but can this be considered a 100% Glitchless run?


I'm bumping this because I can. So it'd be 100% glitchless, not all items glitchless? but I'm not against glitched categories as well.. Whatever people are interested in, right? Sorry if I've done anything "wrong" in this process, I've just been really excited to share this game with other people, and I thought a glitchless category would be the best way of doing that!


After a lengthy think on it, should we just make category extensions since you guys only want glitched runs in this section? I'm not trying to be rude. I actually think there should be 4 categories. (100% glitch and glitchless and any% glitch and glitchless) But it's your page and you have the right to run it as you see fit and I do not want to impede upon that or force my ideas on you. Let me know what you think, maybe? Possibly. A response couldn't hurt. XD Thanks for your time and consideration. 🙂


Toad and Whitehat mod a bunch of games and probably haven't seen these posts. I will ping Toad/Whitehat on Twitter to get their attention on this, and see if it speeds up creation of categories.


The problem with this is it opens a ton of personal WR categories. Maybe someone else down the line would pick up this category but this is already a game that isn't going to be ran by many people. That being said when it comes to overall solid categories that could add to a game I'm open to it. Of the categories you posted, 100% and Glitchless are the viable ones.

The worst part of are boards with 1-4ish runners and 12-20 categories. I hope this gets cleaned up a lot in the future. I feel this way because speedrunning is still on the rise and ever rising, hell the twitch rivals race is today and looks awesome. There needs to be some form of consistency with boards and how records are dealt with. The bigger boards have category extensions for the 100+ meme categories which is fine but I don't think they should go towards your total rankings. Any MISC. category shouldn't.

I will add 100% and Glitchless as I think those are both viable, different enough and interesting enough for a game like this. I appreciate your interest in this game for sure. It's nice to see smaller games try to garner a bigger interest.
@RandomEffekt was correct. I mod 100+ boards or so and I miss a lot of these questions. I appreciate you tagging me RE.

GL with future runs and heres to hoping more runners run this game, its a cool speed game.

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What are "total rankings" and where are those stored?


Under the more tab, Users. To a lesser extent the actual statistics tab. These will be expanded on in the future. I'm admittedly always one who loves statistics so It'd be neat to see major categories compared against each other and such.

Categories are now added.


For the 100% is it just every item on the pause screen (golden apple, all weapons and all shoes) or is one expected to collect every red apple hidden around?


i just saw these posts/ new categories...Ive done a run of everything mentioned @sixsevsairis . Since last year around March, and would like to submit those runs sometime.. problem is, there is no specification, is it glitchless any% or 100%?..and 100% is it 100% glitchless or are what i would assume it would be with zips. Let me know, because i did any% that i much did not enjoy. Therefore ran my own ´´categories´´ to get more out of the game than to just learn pixel perfect tricks. Kinda like sixsevsairis 😃

Also what i assume is collecting everything in the pause screen...and not all the apples..since apples are just extra healths.


For the 100% category glitches are ok in the rules for glitchless it specifically says no zips or glitches and that's not mentioned in the 100% at all so they are good to go.

For the glitchless you don't have to 100% the items for a similar reason, it doesn't mention having to collect every item just that no glitches are aloud.

I like the idea of not collecting the red apples, cuz like you said they are just a health boost.