Submitting Proper Times (Demo #2)

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Unfortunately, the end game timer is a little bit off, it varies by about ".200-.300". To calculate full demo runs time correctly, please add up the final times of both levels.

For instance,
An Awakening: 1:12.750
A Look Inside: 2:25.680

Add these two together and you get 3:38.430, this is your full demo time. (NOTE: YOU STILL NEED TO DO FULL DEMO RUNS IN A SINGLE SEGMENT, NO COMBINING TWO OF YOUR BEST IL TIMES)

Also, a reminder that .77 in-game or on LiveSplit transfers to .770 in your submission, not .077. It's worth noting as well that only typing in "77" will result in the form showing "0.77" so please try to avoid that.

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