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I have routed (and will be running throughout the next week) a few different versions of this game. Namely the following categories, thinking they would be useful:

-any% no RNG manipulation
-100% (with or without RNG manip)

Do these sound good? Appropriate? Let me know, because I'm going to start with the any% one (without RNG manipulation), and would love to add those to the categories. Let me know if this is not feasible!


Do you have any thoughts on this, @Toad22484? Or should I wait until I have a run completed to ask for this? Let me know either way! 🙂


Hello pianistman and good luck with your routing and running of the game! When it comes to things like "No RNG manipulation" I am generally not a big fan of those categories because who can tell whether they are or not when they so no manip. Explain what the differences would be in non RNG manip that would make it worthy of its own category.

100% is a fine category. What would 100% entail however? I feel this also has to be different enough to warrant its own category. I'm not apposed to multiple categories but I won't let a board divulge into 10 different categories with one slight difference and be a total free wr mess.


Thanks, dude! And that is totally fair. No RNG manipulation to me would be no resets, no save and quits, etc., like jiseed did, but you definitely have a valid point that you can't really tell the difference between the manipulations/non-manips besides the obvious resets.

100%, however, should definitely be a category. In the any%, you only get four (or five, optionally) of the 11 or 12 allies, you don't do ANY of the side quests, and you don't collect all of the items. So, to me, 100% would be: gain all allies (which means defeat all bosses) and complete all side quests at the very least. I'd expect a run of this to take 5-6 hours with good enemy luck.

Thank you for responding and for your thoughts. any% should stay alone; you're right, and I didn't think about it that way.


No problem! It seems like Any% and 100% can both be legit categories for this game. Let me know exactly what 100% entails and I can add the category. Looks like its:

All [number] side quests
All [number] Allies

I'm not sure which items would go long with this so let me know if collecting all items is worth while or to stick to allies and side quests.


Perfect. I will get back to you with that info, as I'm going to start running the any% category today. When I start routing the 100% path, I will let you know.

Thanks SO MUCH for your flexibility and help with this. You're wonderful.

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Haha you're welcome. I love seeing excitement for a game to be ran, especially a game thats barely been ran like this one. Good luck on routing and running!


So. I've routed the 100% path. You can find that here, if you're interested:

I'll be running this throughout this week on Twitch. To further clarify the rules, it would be:

All summons (which is what I called 'allies', but the manual says 'summons') must be acquired, treasure chests opened, and side quests completed.


A completed 100% run has been submitted. 🙂