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Where can I go to learn the glitches or clips for speedrunning this game? I have been curious and have watched runs...but can't figure out things like clipping through doors or whatever and anything involved in all categories...I wanna learn!


Hey, here's what I remember about the run:
Clipping through things is as simple as it looks, the only thing is you need a lowish framerate. I remember it being doable at 60 fps but not that consistent, so you may want to cap a bit lower. I use rivatuner statistics server for this.
Nothing special about the wrong warp to the escape sequence, just go into a door that's meant to be inaccessible.
Muting all game audio makes the cutscene at the start of the escape sequence play faster.
Repeatedly healing at the end makes the end sequence run faster due to how cutscene skips work.

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That's for your bad ending any%?

That helps a lot...yeah after I posted the question I tried it out and was getting it kind of consistently, but when I plugged into my capture card it stopped working...good to know it's about frame rate...and also good tip on audio for faster cutscenes, cause I was wondering how your cutscenes were so instant and I had to hold b to fast forward through it...thanks a bunch!