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Around the end of Trumpet eye, there is a section where you have to zig-zag around some tears to reach the end. There is a similar skip where at the last row, you can go around the left-most tear and save a couple of seconds. However, this new way is where you go in between 2 tears in the second row shown below

This skip is quite risky, and once you perform it, will leave you with very little energy left. However, compared to the last skip, it saves about 2 seconds. It could save more but this would probably be what you save.
(Left is with new skip, right is with old skip)

Hopefully, this helps any runners out. Let me know if you have any improvements to this or thoughts about it.

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Huh. I might have assumed it wouldn't save time when I ran this


I didn't think so either but I guess going through the tear saves time over moving left and around. Plus these tears are harder to get through.

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