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Control Agent 3:57

16.3ish end

No crate boosts, first room was only OK.


B1 SA 0:20 (2nd cam only)

Well, crap. In a 2-3 hour session last night I had 10 20 pace runs past the 3rd cam. The main control room is absolutely insane though, you get backed or sideboosted 99/100 runs.. and missing the 4th cam isn't uncommon. Then the warp is like 1/5.

0:20 might be a 1200 hour time.


Train 00A 1:49 x6 or 7

Too slow to take out locks, trolled, Nat died, etc. over the past 20 hours or so. Pretty tilting. 2 of them were within 5 minutes in an insane session.


hello i thought id post this clip from a stream i was trying my arse off to get 23 and this happened to me twice so this isnt really a fail run as such i completed the run, but it was such a kick in the balls it was a failed run in my eyes but anyway i hope it gives someone a laugh or maybe you can relate to my pain cheers