Level 3 Analysis

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There are six symbols in the game:
→ (Red symbol)
↓ (Blue symbol)
Λ (Green symbol)
V (Yellow symbol)
֍(Lightning - clears one symbol off each ghost on screen and used at the end of the final boss sequence)
Note I can't find a unicode character for lightning but you know what it looks like.
♥ (Heart - restores one heart)

When I type Ghost A / Ghost B, etc. it means Ghost B will come shortly after Ghost A.
If they're the same they come in at once.

Every level has a set of waves. The next wave appears when all the ghosts in the current wave are dead. However, some waves have timings so ghosts at a certain time - there's no way to speed this up. (a quite clear example of this is in Stage 2 before the boss) Therefore, you should focus on the ¤last¤ ghost(s) of a wave to get a good time. As general advice, you should just spam the symbol that comes next (you can look at this guide) and then read the rest.

[Level 3]

Wave 1
Ghost 0.0s: ↓→Λ
Ghost 0.0s: V→Λ
Strategy: ↓V→Λ

Wave 2
Ghost 0.0s: →Λ→V→Λ→V
Ghost 0.0s: ↓Λ↓V↓Λ↓V
Strategy: →↓Λ→↓V→↓Λ→↓V (A tip for this is to look at the top ghost and draw →↓ when you see →)

Wave 3
Ghost 0.0s: ↓V↓→
Ghost 0.0s: →VΛ→
Ghost 0.0s: ↓→↓Λ
Strategy: ↓→V↓Λ→ (You have to memorize this 🙁 )

Wave 4
Ghost 0.0s: ΛΛ→
Ghost 0.0s: VV→
Ghost 1.0s: ֍
Ghost 3.0s: →
Ghost 6.0s; ↓Λ↓→
Ghost 6.0s; V↓V→
Ghost 9.0s: →
Strategy: Take care of the first → ghost, then when 6s ghosts appear, draw V↓ΛV↓֍ then →

Wave 5
Ghost 0.0s: V→
Ghost 0.0s: V→
Ghost 0.0s: →
Ghost 0.0s: ↓Λ→
Ghost 0.0s: V↓Λ→
Ghost 0.0s: Λ→
Ghost 0.0s: ↓→
Ghost 0.0s: VΛ→
Ghost 0.0s: V↓→
Ghost 0.0s: Λ→
Ghost 0.0s: ↓→
Ghost 2.0s: ֍
Strategy: Just do V↓Λ→ then ֍ and they'll be gone.

Wave 6:
Ghost 0.0s: →
Ghost 0.2s: ↓
Ghost 0.4s: Λ
Ghost 0.6s: V
Ghost 0.8s: →
Ghost 1.0s: ↓
Ghost 1.2s: Λ
Ghost 1.4s: V
Ghost 1.4s: ֍
Ghost 1.6s: →
Ghost 2.0s: →
Ghost 2.4s: ↓
Ghost 2.4s: Λ
Ghost 2.6s: V
Ghost 2.8s: ֍
Ghost 3.0s: ↓
Ghost 3.2s: Λ
Ghost 3.4s: V
Ghost 3.6s: →
Strategy: When the first ֍ appears, draw it, then wait until all the ghosts have spawned until you do the second ֍. Make sure to not draw the first ֍ too late otherwise it will destroy the second ֍. Just watch my video if you don't understand.

Stage 1: →ΛV
Stage 2: V↓→
Stage 3: →ΛV
Stage 4: →↓V
Stage 5: ↓Λ↓

• The time between the boss appearing and the first pattern is 2.0s
• It takes 2.3 seconds for the boss to go to its next pattern.
• The time it takes to draw the final symbol to first ghosts appearing in Stage 4 is 18.0s

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