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I have to say I find the leaderbords extremely misleading since the only ng runs on this page is run with glitches and the Crucible expansion.

This is sad since the fact I just started this but doing glitchless runs without the Crucible as a ng category and because of that has nothing to compare myself with.


Hey there!

You're right concerning the glitches - in the leadup to Ashes of Malmouth being released a bunch of glitches were found, and we just sort of ran away with it. 😃

Having said that, all of those glitches have been patched out of the AoM expansion, which is what most of us have moved on to running. So especially if you're running glitchless, that would be a better comparison I think.


I'd also like to add that I mentioned this as well and proposed that the Hardcore run of the game be a non-DLC (crucible) and glitchless run. Currently that is actually still true with my 1:12:49 holding the record spot, but technically the rules were never put in place. I still feel like that is the best spot for glitchless runs considering if you're going to glitch-in basically an infinite amount of HP it made the term "hardcore" pointless.

So if you want to compete with glitchless runs on the boards, or learn from our videos that would be a good spot. That and Gribboro's 1:12:55 was the original WR video that we all learned from before any glitches were found and before the crucible was worth doing.

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Also to note, we are fairly close to Zenavathar as we all stream and ran the game at one point, I am sure push come to shove we could convince him to add or modify one of the tabs to have all the glitchless runs on it. If not maybe I could convince him to mod FreezardB or myself and we could put one in that makes sense. Either way don't feel discouraged to run glitchless if your heart is into it. ❤️


Yeah I'm slow as fuck.. So far my pb is 1.43 from start to finish of ng.
Doing more practice today and my goal is to shave at least 20 more minutes somehow.

The reson why these things bother me so much is that people outside of the game don't understand it since the leader board is completely misleading. I have people coming in asking why I don't do this or this when I stream it and always have to reply that I'm doing glitchless. Even most videos on youtube doesn't mention it in either title or information down below and I have to keep flip trough videos to then always discover the glitch in the beginning of it which is really frustrating.

All I'm saying is it just feels that the leader board as of now need a huge update so people understand what they are watching.

Anyhow like I said, I'll just continue my learning and practice atm. I made some changes to the route that I was watching but I only know if it's an improvement after I get faster in general.

Also to end this conversation every game I know usually have an excluded discord channel for this sort of thing which I feel would make the whole thing even easier. Instead of joining separated peoples discord channels as people have suggested to do, maybe look into making one solely for this so communication is easier.

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Sorry to hear about the frustration as I have had similar problems with several other communities on this site that impose law rather than being run by how the community wants it to be. In defense of the boards, but just being a bit outdated, the first glitch was found about 9 months ago and before that the boards were up for years and reflected a glitchless non-dlc run for each tab. It was just never a thing while the mods were very active. It's the reason why I mentioned that at least the Normal HC tab is completely glitchless still since we just never ran the tab after the glitches were found.

Also, on the discord end, I know when I ran the game only FreezardB and myself were doing speedruns so we just used my personal discord for all our theory crafting. If you are interested I will post a perma link below and you are welcome to hit me up anytime. I check my discord daily and FreezardB is still active there as well.

Happy Running and Happy Hunting!


Hello, and welcome to the community. Sorry it took me so long to respond, offline life has been hectic. That being said, I have done something that has been talked about for a long while, deleted the Elite categories, and I am more than happy to add in some glitchless categories. Out of curiosity what are you qualifying as glitches? Is act 1 skip a glitch, or just a design decision? Get to me with some rules you want (since you are the one running it) and I'll make the category(ies). Also I am in the discord Boarum linked as well if you ever need to get ahold of me for anything moderator related.