I'm curious why there isn't an Any% category for this game? I know it can be done; based on all the information that's out there, but why isn't it a legit category for this site?


First and foremost I want to thank the mods for creating an Any% category. Unfortunately I do not completely agree with your rules for any%.
I agree that secret characters shouldn't be used. A player should start with a new name. However I don't understand why cheat names aren't allowed. There is a whole area that hasn't been explored yet with cheat names. Some can do a lot of good when it comes to getting a better time. Some might even change the way people speed run this game.
Please understand I do not mean to offend. This is your site and with that you have the right to make the rules as you see fit. I'm just looking to understand.
If someone could explain this to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for creating an Any% category. Whatever transpires from this know I intend to have a run for that soon.

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I know this is old, but I am curious if the rule for secret characters could be bent a bit. There is a glitch that you can do with Sumner and the wizard that shaves a decent amount of time from the run. Honestly how I would put the rules is that you can't beat the game with the secret characters, but you can play them for like 1 map. The cheat names also make sense since they are basically like using console commands for other games (Like noclip in half-life 2 or portal for example). Either way, if someone could get back to me on the whole using but not beating a game with a secret character that would be much appreciated.


Out of curiosity, boyo003 or any other person who runs currently on Xbox or GCN, I am curious if the glitch that allows me to shave off a ton of time works on those systems. Basically it uses Sumner to give the wizard all runestones and shards right at the start. you have no gems or golden items though so you can't just go straight to garm off of it, but it does save a lot of time since you don't have to go for the runestones and you don't have to go and fight the bosses.


Sorry for all the posts here but these are my suggestions for the Any% rules:

- No cheat names (Cosmetic changes are fine)
- No completing the run with a secret character (This means you can play a secret character, but you cannot kill Garm with them)
- Character must be new (Using a file that has already beaten the game is fine. You must, however, pick a new character. New characters are defined by a character without a set level)
- Difficulty must be set to "Normal" or "Hard".
- Time starts when you hit "Done" on the character select menu.
- Time ends when the cutscene after killing Garm starts

These are just suggestions as to what I think the rules should be. Any input would be nice on these.

To note, I think an Any% with Cheat names should be a totally separate run then regular Any% due to what they change in the game. (Aka making you invulnerable among other things)

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I'd actually Like those rules a lot. Not sure how to set the difficulty though.


Easiest thing to do is to record what difficulty you set for your run. As long as you show it before you start it won't effect your time.


I'm very interested in seeing more runs of this game in the future, even though im sure they will still be quite long. i might look into speedrunning it my self one day. amazing game either way

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I encourage anyone interested in running this game to check out the special modes category, its the most broken and wild run in this whole game

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I have already watched up to the desert realm in you and boyos sub 3 run and i have to say nice work on planning the run and figuring everything out guys, i was really impressed and learned a lot from it. when will you guys be live again on twitch? i have a few questions i wanted to ask yall


I cant say for sure exactly, but we'll post in the discord before we stream, probably gonna do a run or two this weekend though


i made a discovery
i think i found a skip in the gauntlet dark legacy speedrun
alright, so i was beating the dragon in the fire realm.after i beat him, i collected some meat as i started fading to the shop screen. and instead of going to the shop menu, i just ended up it the overworld. skipping the shop and collectibles screens.
i was playing on the GameCube version

not sure if this works for other boss fights, or on other platforms.