so after you kill the boss you can skip the cutscene before the bridge if you have already completed the game once in that sitting. I haven't seen any other runner skip this cutscene but since the game allows us to do this I can't see a reason why we don't use this to save a good chunk of time. The run is short enough that finishing the game once before going for PB isnt a massive ordeal. Whats peoples opinions on this?

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I'd vote not to. You can skip cutscenes in this and the base game with a complete file, yeah, but it feels inauthentic somehow? It's worth commenting, we intentionally don't do it in Monster Slayer.

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If there were no runs of this game and I were making the rules from scratch I would personally want to allow it. You are still completing the game completely fairly, and there are likely many more smaller consequences of running on a second playthrough that we don't even notice. One that stands out for example is that the first time you start a run after booting up the game, it takes longer to load, so resetting the run after going through this once actually saves time in a very similar way, and yet it would be ridiculous to ban something like that, so perhaps the cutscene skip should be allowed too?

Going back to my opening sentence though, there are runs of this game and I'm not making the rules from scratch. Runs without this cutscene skip exist already, and in the event that runners knew about it but chose not to do it (the alternative would be that no one knew this could be done), I think it would be fair to continue to honour that line of thought and just prohibit it, but this also doesn't mean that people can't change their minds and introduce it as a new thing now. Personally I have only submitted one run of this game (though it hasn't been verified yet) and as such I would be biased towards allowing it as I have not invested all that much time into this run and wouldn't mind knowing that my run did not use a huge timesave. I understand though that this is very much not the case for some other people so again we reach somewhat of an impasse.

I guess for now the most sensible thing to do would be to refrain from using this cutscene skip in new runs, unless someone from this forum or any other runner has some other thoughts that haven't been covered yet.


I was more curious about "why" we dont use it. its free time save that the game technically allows. It was why I asked the question. Going forward I can continue to not do the cutscene skip. My thinking was that since the run is short enough and we already have 2:20 min of cutscene at the start then taking that 30-40 seconds out would push us under 8 min which would be insane. Regardless tho, if consensus is to not use the skip then fair dos 🙂 Also, I didn't know that it could also be done in TMS so I've at least learned something today

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