Machine Ranking and Which of em Can Do The Game's skips (and which skips are helpful for Cup/Game runs)

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these are pretty much just copy pasted from my FZC stuff, but I thought it could be helpful here too

Rankings (aka Tier List)

Top (the best machines, and are generally good for all cups)

1 - Night Thunder
2 - Blood Hawk
3 - Twin Noritta
4 - Deep Claw
5 - Golden Fox

High (Best of the rest, still great on all cups and are good starting machines)

6 - Sonic Phantom
7 - Wonder Wasp
8 - Red Gazelle
9 - Mighty Typhoon
10 - Space Angler

Mid (not bad but most have a few negatives, still generally good)

11 - King Meteor
12 - Queen Meteor
13 - White Cat
14 - Astro Robin
15 - Super Piranha
16 - Little Wyvern
17 - Blue Falcon
18 - Death Anchor
19 - Moon Shadow
20 - Elegance Liberty
21 - Mad Wolf

Low (cant do most skips in the game, but can still be used for fun)

22 - Wild Goose
23 - Dragon Bird
24 - Mighty Hurricane
25 - Great Star
26 - Hyper Speeder
27 - Big Fang
28 - Green Panther

Bottom (dont even bother these are not even fun to use)

29 - Iron Tiger
30 - Panzer Emerald
31 - Fire Stingray
32 - Wild Boar
33 - Crazy Bear
34 - Black Bull

and which skips can be done by em (using abbreviations for the machines, for example SPh - Sonic Phantom, SPi - Super Piranha, WG - Wild Goose, etc.)

Clip Oval


Volute 2

Box Rink

Caterpillar 1/2
All besides BB,PE,FS,CB,WB,GP

Expansion Park 1/2 (not really recommended for anything besides Course/Lap runs)

Slip Highway 1/2

Forked Road

BH,TN,DC,GF,WW,SA,MT,SPh…still to find more

Peak Jump
All besides BB,FS,PE,WB,CB

Forked Road 2

Uber Forked Road 2 (yeah not really worth it for a game run, maybe a cup run if you are mad enough)

Peak Jump 2

Uber Peak Jump 2 (another one that probably isnt worth it to try)

Port Town 2/Red Canyon/White Land 2
All (in RC's case you may need to do alternative ways)

If you dont know bout any of these, here is a link to guide bout them

Hope this helps some of you

I've also made a video to showcase all these skips