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Post any ideas about the adventure speedrun strategies here.
(Probably gonna make a different thread for the "Lich King, All Classes" category later)


Marrowgar with Priest:

Strategy is to kill Marrowgar by stealing two of his Bone Spikes, using Convert / Manipulator / Cabal / Thoughtsteal/ Devour Mind

Usually I'm able to kill him on turn 8-10. Can be as quick as 6-7 turns if I'm lucky.

Although, this deck isn't fully consistent yet, due to a few reasons.
- Firstly, this strategy depends on both our and enemy's draws. Even if we draw the key cards such as Convert and Silence on time, things might still be bad if the enemy doesn't put up enough Bone Spikes.
- Secondly, the current AI often use their minions to control the board, which means we normally need Taunts to protect our own Bone Spikes if the enemy still have minions on board.
- Thirdly, playing this deck optimally turns out to be pretty hard (or maybe I'm just not focused enough). It's rare to be able to put two Bone Spikes in a single turn, so we have to plan our moves two turns ahead. Sometimes we might not want to put a Bone Spike too quickly since it might be killed by the AI or our Dragonfire Potion. And we have to make sure that the enemy can't kill us while we are playing our Bone Spikes (especially if we didn't draw a silence for his own Bone Spike)

Also, I purposely didnt put Crazed Alchemist in my deck since I want Marrowgar's BOne Spike to stay alive so I can always use Convert. I put in Ironbeak Owl instead to get more silences.

If the game didn't end in 10 turns, it normally ends up taking a lot longer than 10 turns (in which case you might as well reset since this level is only the second level). I doubt this deck is also optimal.

I usually mulligan for Convert, Silence, Doomsayer, Lil' Exorcist or Tar Creeper. Keeping Manipulator or Cabal Shadow Priest is also recommended if we already have our early game in the opening hand.

An alternative strategy that I haven't tried is to use Token Druid/Shaman and to build up a board as quick as possible. It'll probably be more consistent although I'm not sure it'll be faster, since the time taken on each turn will probably be longer compared to using Priest.


Putricide with Hunter:

I choose hunter because it got all the tools that synergize with this boss (secrets, 5-damage weapon and 9-mana cards that gives board presence + burst damage at once)

The fight ranges from 8-12 turns, average is probably about 10-11 turns.

Some explanations about card choices:
- Deadly Shot: Good removal against some of the 5+ HP minions, might also use Kill Command but sometimes I don't have a beast on board
- Ironbeak Owl: Usually used against Belcher or Abomination, could be used for Festergut too.
- Powershot / Explosive Trap: It's not rare to see the AI have a bunch of Oozes at once, which makes this card handy.
- Harrison Jones: Normally to be used on the Tentacle weapon. I don't think there's any need to put any other weapon removal since the Tracking and Stiched Trackers usually able to give the Harrison on time.
- Gladiator Longbow: Obviously for the second phase of the fight, Good for removal or face damage.
(Also, I removed Eaglehorn Bow from my deck. While it seems to synergize with Putricide's secrets, I feel it doesn't give a lot of impact on the fight. When I tried to put this in my deck, I end up very rarely using it.)
- 9-mana cards: The cards that I used are ones that give both burst damage and board presence at once. I don't think there are other cards that are as useful as these ones for this fight. And I don't think I need more late game cards, since I usually already have at least one of these when the third phase starts.
(A note about the third phase, if I can't efficiently remove Rotface, I just rather ignore it and go face with my board instead. The 9-mana cards already give a very strong board presence and the 4/6 + extra random legendary won't be able to do anything significant.)



Just an aggro weapon warrior, with cards like Korkron Elite/Giant Wasp/Doomsayer to taker care of the Blood Beast or other taunts, still has a lot of trouble if the enemy used Sauronit Chain Gang,


Obviously just a priest with all the healing cards.


Token druid deck that usually wins the game in turn 4 or 5. Mana curve could be made lower to increase the chance of getting a turn-4 kill, but that made this boss riskier since you cant do anything if your board got cleared early.

There's a possible interesting side-effect with Garrison Commander in this boss, if you have Garrison Commander on board and only use your hero power once but there's no other friendly minion to bite, you can't end your turn and have to use your second hero power.


Just an aggro warrior that doesnt use any spells, so I put a bunch of charge minions.


Lich King with Tempo/Midrange Priest:

The deck that I used in my current PB. Plan is to just simply get board control with your superior minions, and use Shadow Word: Horror on turn 7.

It's not fully consistent yet, sometimes you might not be able to kill the LK fast enough because of LK's Blizzards, or if he wins the tempo in the early game thanks to the Anti-Magic Shell. I doubt this deck is optimal yet, since I haven't spend a lot of time in trying to optimize the deck.

Zypher used Evolve Shaman instead in his run, which might also works well although I haven't tried any other class so you could ask him instead if you want to try shaman.


Thinking of doing Frozen Throne again soon. Here are the decks I've made recently.
Decklist: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​fOKIngq Deckcodes: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​MGNsHBsj

Main changes on Putricide where I now use Mechathunlock, and Lich King with the Anka Rogue strats like what Hess did in his Lich King run.

Mechathun is faster on average for Putricide compared to the Hunter deck. Although there's a huge variance in finishing time because of the secrets, a 10-turn fight could be from less than 3 minutes to 4 minutes depending on how many secrets are triggering through the fight.
I tend to avoid attacking enemy minions to trigger less secrets, which is why I don't use Loot Hoarder or Bloodmage Thalnos.
Anti-secret cards doesn't seem to be required since the secrets aren't harmful usuallly. Could play around Counterspell before doing the Mechathun combo with one of your cheaper spells.

Some minor changes on the other decks:
- Marrowgar: Vivid Nightmare acts as an alternate Divine Shield
- Saurfang: Newer cards to help in removing his Blood Beast or taunts. Not putting too many smaller weapons since they usually wont be enough to kill him on time. I can't make this deck faster than before but it's probably more consistent to get a turn 7-8 kill now.
- Deathwhisper: Non-odd Priest is better than Odd Priest, more chance to get a turn1 attack and I can put more Silences as well.
- Lana'thel: Tried putting newer cards.
- Sindragosa: Replaced silences with Dragonslayer and Dragonmaw Poacher.