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Post any ideas about the Lich King strats here. I'm separating it from the other discussion thread to make it more organized.


So, what I used now is kind of a mix of aggro and exploits to try to maximise consistency. Druid, Paladin and Warrior is quite consistent now, and Rogue, Shaman and Hunter is quite easy if you get the right mulligan.

Warlock, Priest, and Mage is really inconsistent for me, and looking for faster decks. I do Mage first because you need the Molten Giants in the mulligan, and it's better to just keep resetting until you get it, otherwise it is impossible.

Maybe murlocs are the way to go for Mage and Priest? Warlock is difficult because of the duplicate restriction but I guess you can take 20 damage at the start.


Well, I forgot to post all the recent Lich King strats here. Here's a quick summary of all the strats.

Decklist on my run:
Decklist on Tsubaki's run:

Resetting until you got a Molten Giant on turn 2, then kill him before he got to turn 7. If you have a Tidecaller + Rockpool Hunter on your opening hand, you might not need any Molten Giant to win.
You do the Mage and Hunter fights first because both fights are much more inconsistent compared to the other decks.

Similar to Mage, although winrate is significantly higher even though you still could easily lose if the enemy have Obliterate and Blizzard. Remember that if you only have 1 minion on your opening hand, you'll be killed by his starting spell.

Using Evolve Shaman. Still a bit of chance to lose if you didn't have good early game or if you didn't draw your Evolve/DK quick enough.

Two possible strats, Jade or Murloc. Jade is more consistent (~90% winrate) but slower than Murloc Rogue (I can get about 50% winrate with murlocs).
Playing the Jade Rogue is kinda tricky. In early game, focus on getting board presence from your early game minions, even if you have to waste your bounces. After he uses his Frostmourne, make sure not to kill the Trapped Souls too quickly if you haven't build up your Jades yet.

For the Murloc Rogue, you can try this decklist . The Warleader nerf makes it a bit harder to win, but I realized adding a Bonemare and Saboteur helps a lot in stabilizing the game after he used his Frostmourne. You might also don't want to kill the Trapped Souls quickly if you didn't have a huge board yet, it's important to have a huge board after the Souls are cleared. If you are very lucky, you can kill the boss before turn 7, which speeds up the run a lot.

I used a Reno deck, which is consistent enough although still a bit of chance to lose if you're unlucky. Gameplan is to focus on defending before turn 7, and hopefully you'll draw a Doomsayer/Corrupting Mist/Twisting Nether to deal with the Trapped souls. Then, you'll normally use Krul or DK Guldan to build a huge board.

Tsubaki uses an aggro murloc deck, with a Shadowflame to clear the Trapped Souls if he didn't manage to kill the boss before turn 7. I haven't tried this deck and not sure how risky it is, you could try this or Murloc Rogue if you feel like doing the run with risky strats.

I used a midrange deck with Shadow Word: Horror to clear the Trapped Souls. There's still a very little chance to lose, although Bonemare and The Black Knight helps a lot in stabilizing the late game.

Tsubaki uses a similar tactic to the Paladin and Warrior, where he just wait until he got the Velen+Mind Blast OTK combo. I haven't tried this deck and I am not sure what's the average speed and variance of this deck, although the combo requires a lot more cards than the Paladin and Warrior's tricks. He also needs two cards (Shadow Word: Horror + Abusive Sergeant) for the board clear, which probably means that it's significantly slower than the Paladin/Warrior deck.

Uses Jade Druid, with Spreading Plague to be normally played after Frostmourne is used, hopefully combo'ed with Stonehill Scavanger. There's a little trick with Runic Egg, it'll thin your deck even if you have it in opening hand, because it will be killed on turn 1 if you put it on the board.

Using the Kel'thuzad exploit and Uther DK to finish the game. Enter the Coliseum is needed to clear all but one Trapped Souls, which is necessary for the exploit to work. Could also put Scaled Nightmare in the deck, although Uther DK is faster.

Same as Paladin, but a bit slower because you can only put your Kelthuzad + Taunt on turn 10, instead of turn 9 for the Paladin. Scaled Nightmare is also a bit slower than Uther DK, although comboing the Scaled Nightmare with Crazed Alchemist makes it faster by two turns.

And here's some brief explanations about the neutral tech cards that you see in some of the decks:
- Wailing Soul: A very good way to counter the Blizzard. Loatheb can also be used for the same purpose.
- Saboteur: Use it after the Trapped Souls are cleared, making the auto-cast hero power costs 5.
- Spellbreaker: Used in the Druid and Hunter decks, could be good in some other decks too. Lich King have a lot of minions that is a lot less annoying when silenced.
- Bonemare: I used it in the Midrange Priest and Murloc Rogue deck, could be good in some other decks too. If you use it at turn 7 on a minion with 2 or more health, it will prevent the Lich King to kill anything with his first Frostmourne attack.
- Dancing Swords: I used it in my Priest and Warlock decks, decent 3-drop whose stats counters Coldwraith.


Turns out in the new K&C AI, Lich King + Taunt exploits didnt work as well as before. AI still tend to attack your taunts, which might cause the Souls to die if the Taunt minion have 1 attack (Righteous Protector or Annoy-O-Tron). Thankfully, we have Wax Elemental which prevents these souls from dying.

The AI also normally only attack once if the Wax Elemental still have a Divine Shield, which makes the AI able to temporarily kill the Elemental next turn and allows them to attack Kel'thuzad once. So it's recommended to put two taunts instead of one.

(Also thanks Zypher for noticing me about this issue)


Warlock with Majordomo + Treachery combo:

- Use Corrupting Mist + Silence to keep only one Tortured Soul alive
- Use Kel'thuzad exploit
- Use Majordomo + Treachery combo

This decklist is consistent. Murloc Warlock is faster but not that consistent, while Renolock is now obsolete since Majordomo trick is faster.

Demonstration vid:


Summary of the newer strats that I did in my recent run (Decklist here: )
Most of the major improvements are made thanks to Mossy Horror, which is really good in dealing with 2/6 Trapped Souls.

- Mage: I tried the Secret Aggro Mage instead of Murloc, not sure if it works better or not. Counterspell is useful to counter turn 6 Blizzard

- Hunter: Molten Giant Buff means that you can put more spells and still get a 0-mana Molten Giant. I also tried a slightly different approach compared to my old run, where I anticipate the possibility of this fight going beyond turn 7 (with Sludge Belcher to protect me from Frostmourne and Mossy Horror to deal with Trapped Souls). Not sure if this is better compared to the old strats.

- Rogue: Uses the Kelthuzad and Scaled Nightmare trick, which is possible thanks to Mossy Horror (+Abusive Sergeant). Totally consistent because your deck is thinned.
(Murloc Rogue is still faster if it works, although the nerf on Warleader and Bonemare probably make this deck hard to win with)

- Druid: Also use a similar method as Rogue, but the steps in carrying out the trick is more complicated (and slower) because I don't have Abusive Sergeant. Here are the steps for the tricks:
1. Turn 8: Play Scaled Nightmare after Lich King plays Frostmourne. 3 of your Scarabs will still be alive.
2. Turn 9: Play Kel'thuzad, now enemy can't kill your 3 remaining Scarabs.
3. Turn 10: Play Mossy Horror + Mark of Y'shaarj (on one of the Souls), can't do this step before the first 2 steps because you need multiple Scarabs to protect your Kel'thuzad and/or to prevent the remaining Trapped Soul from killing himself by hitting Kel'thuzad.
4. Turn 11: Play Scaled Nightmare (plus Mark of Y'shaarj to speed-up the game by one turn). You'll probably be fatigued at this point so shuffle your Jade Idols too.
I also put Healing Touch to heal the one remaining Trapped Soul so he won't die from attacking the Scarabs.

Warlock's Majordomo trick can be seen on the post above.
Shaman, Priest, Paladin and Warrior uses same old strats although with slight optimisations.


Lich King Druid with Mechathun, consistent turn 5-6 kills

7-card deck filled with ramps and Mecha'thun+Innervate+Naturalize combo makes it really easy to trigger Mecha'thun's effect.
Note that you can use Biology Project to trigger Lich King's Frostmourne, which could be used to prevent him from playing Anti-Magic Shell on a large board.

Credits to Mikkelhess for the idea. Demo video:


Lich King Rogue with turn 6 Chef Nomi:

With only 5 minions in the deck, and a Coin from Swashburglar, you can trigger Chef Nomi's effect on turn 6.
(Unless if you draw your Swashburglar in turn 6, which means you won't be able to have 7 mana in turn 6. And the game will be slowed down by at least 1 turn)

There's still a very small chance of losing, if enemy have a good early game and an Obliterate on your Doomsayer.

If you want to be riskier, could also play 2x Swashburglar. This means having only 4 minions in the deck to get an empty deck by turn 5. Not so consistent because you need to draw your cards in the right order, although still have a much better chance to get a pre-Frostmourne kill compared to using Murloc Rogue.

Demo video:


Lich King Shaman with Scaled Nightmare and Kelthuzad Taunt trick:

- Hex could be used to remove an enemy taunt after clearing Souls, or to create a taunt for yourself when you already have a kelthuzad on board with only one taunt
- mulligan for an early defensive tool, card draw or Mossy Horror/Abusive Sergeant
kelthuzad might be kept as well in mulligan, i guess
- if you have both the "Scaled Nightmare + Cryostasis" and "Kelthuzad + Taunt" combo, play the Scaled Nightmare combo first. LK will ignore the frozen Scaled Nightmare, so your game will be one turn faster
- Attempts usually ranging between around 4:00 to 5:10
evolve shaman could be faster when things go really well, but i think it's still slower on average than using Scaled Nightmare

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Hey here's my decks in my LK All Classes WR.

Decklists: https:/​/​pastebin.​com/​snHHfk6J

There's two new additions to my decks compared to the previous WR (other than the fact that i went for the extra RNG in playing molten giant warlock instead of scaled nightmare combo)
Addition 1: Zephrys. I used him in all scaled nightmare decks. So far he has always been active when I've needed him since you've pretty much emptied your deck by the point you have your scaled nightmare on board. You can use him for mass dispel/board clear to 100% deal with taunt no matter how many 2/3 taunts or belchers he puts on his board, or you can use him for windfury/blessed champion for a faster kill. so he's definitely worth it.
Addition 2: Mecha'thun rogue, a lot faster and prob more consistent than other decks, although i have died before to early aggression with buffs from LK. i use voodoo doll to kill anka if lich king keeps her on board or freezes her.