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Hello Mods and Users!

I was considering on giving this game a go, but i'm curious about certain things.

1. Is emulation (Dolphin) allowed?

2. I know there's a PC and PS2 version, am I able to run those or not exactly?


Emulator is allowed, just make sure you tick the box when you submit your run.

I don't know anything about PC but I know PS2/GCN are identical outside of loads. If you decide to run on PC I'll look at the run first and see if there are any changes, but most likely it would be added on as a platform.

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Ahh ok, good to know.

Thank you for the reply!


Alright so i'm a bout to drop some truth bombs word up.
me and my boy brandon have been watching this game like a hawk for some time now only to see you've made the grave error of allowing emulator.
emulator is generally allowed because the console it is emulating is not the dominant platform or there are means that are faster than emu
the windows version of this game has some wicked compability issues that have only ever been succesfully ran by my bro brandon by installing a windows xp VM
and even when bhill did get it running it had some wacky framerate issues and crashes.
for now, the most stable and fastest version of the game is Gamecube.
And we all know emulator for gamecube is faster than official gamecube hardware.
and don't even try to say "we don't know for sure" because my friend bill got the hot details on everything relating to this game and can back me up that allowing emulator is not a good idea.

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