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Welcome to foxbot i will try to verify runs as often as possible, anyway someone please beat my any% record because its pretty bad.

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Is timing done on a external timer or do we just sum up the IGT of each level?


I'm interested in speedrunning this game, but I can't record my computer screen normally because the framerate drops to an unplayable level while recording. Do you accept runs filmed via camera pointed at the screen? That's the only other way I have to record any runs. I understand if you don't allow it.


This is fine. Please make sure the whole run is in the recording though.

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I didn't see the rule change about specifying the website a run is on before I submitted. In the future, could you please make a thread when you change the rules? Or a new post to an existing thread.

Anyway, my 3-3 run was done on Newgrounds like all my others. (...And for some reason I didn't mention it, unlike the others I've submitted.)