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Surely the main difference between NG+ catagories and just the new game ones is having the class or cups already completed and having like the best car and fully upgraded. Otherwise isn't it just the same as new game, but you can buy the better cars you get from doing Carnage mode. If I'm missing something about it then by all means tell me, but new game plus and new game catagories just seem the same catagory but NG+ you can do Carnage mode, not really enough to justify a different catagory with the current ruleset.

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Thank you for writing 'bout that. When I've got moderator rights, NG+ rules were confusing me a bit, and I didn't really knew, should I change them or leave them as they are. I'll change the rules for NG+ runs soon. FO:UC speedrunning is pretty dead (mostly because nobody wants to mess with GFWL), so that kind of things are being unnoticed and undiscussed .

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I think changing the rules for NG+ so that you can use any car, full upgrades etc. otherwise it's too similar to just regular New Game categories. All the other categories' rules are fine I think, just allow NG+ categories to allow any car and any amount of upgrades. Also for the 360 version, you can't really edit save files so the rules for Race and Street class NG+ are impossible on that. Thank you for getting back so quickly on this topic though


Am I reading the new rules for New Game Plus correctly, it still says about having 0% completion for the certain class that the category is for.
- New Game Plus for any category should allow any amount of percentage completion for the career
- Use any car with any amount of upgrades (basically best car for that class with full upgrades)
- For every category that isn't 100%, you just have to do the cups, not the special events (e.g. time trials and demo derbies).
I know I'm not a moderator, and I'm not trying to tell anyone how to moderate this game, but comparing the NG+ rules for this games categories, to any other games' NG+ rules, the NG+ rules for this game isn't really NG+ it's just allowing some things to be done before doing a New Game run on a category.


Whoops, I think I've forgot to remove part about having 0% because of changing it in hurry, sorry for that, fixed it just now.