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I have completed a run today with my Amiga Emulator.
Time is round about 1h 7m, have to edit the video on the weekend.
Used WinUAE and emulated a standard A1200.
WHDLoad Version was installed on my Harddrive.

I noticed that it is possible to pratically teleport in this game; I tried to reproduce this trick but it did not work.
(tried it in the basement and the jungle)

So you just save and load in certain places and then you teleport to the exit where your cursor points to right?
Is it possible that you only can perform this on Dos?

If so wouldn't it make sense to seperate the runs via plattform, because the game works on both plattforms so different?
But I can also live with a 2nd place of course 🙂

Glad to played this game a really good Adventure.


Hey there!

I've run a few tests on the Amiga version and you are completely right! It seems to be a glitch that only works on the DOS version.

The savebook-glitch works as follows:
1. Save the game
2. Load savegame
3. Double-Click onto a screen-transition-area

But it is imperative to mention that it only works if you perform the double-click in a one-second-timeframe.

But coming back to your run. Honor where honor is due. I think you made a valid point there - AMIGA version is now a new category. Go forth and take thy price!

Viele Grüße aus dem benachbarten Bundesland.

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cool thanks for checking (and confirming) this 🙂

Ah well okay I did not do a double click, but it does not seem to work anyway so...

I was checking one of your older runs without this glitch and you are still 10 minutes faster (looked nearly flawless in execution), after checking it out I noticed some differences (and of course I did a lot smaller mistakes) but more about this in my run description - and run of course.

Funny I was setting up my livesplit and "Amiga Any%" popped up so I knew you respond to my thread 🙂

Naja nicht zwingend Nachbarn aktuell, wohne berufbedingt in Bayern, aber das ist mir zu peinlich 😃