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Virginia, USA

I don't know if it's just me, but there is currently nothing under the resources page.

Bavaria, Germany

I can't see anything wrong with the page. Does the issue still exist for you, and if it does what browser are you using?


It is empty for me aswell. (pic:

Virginia, USA

may just be a chrome problem, but ill check with safari and others EDIT: the resources show if not logged in, checked on chrome and safari

Gelderland, Netherlands

they show for me when im logged in (but pac set my stuff to dutch) and using latest update on Firefox

Bavaria, Germany

Fixed the problem. (They were only not showing up for users who are game/series mods.)


Added almost all your links, thanks !

I got a bit confused with some of them, like ffmpeg or syphon. Are these like FRAPS (PC software recording) ?

United Kingdom

ffmpeg can be used as an encoder for raw footage and as a screen recorder it's also multi-platform, not sure about syphon though.

Florida, USA

ffmpeg is a swiss army knife of audio/video. It's also what lots of streaming and encoding software is based on. It can be used as a screen recorder that is perfectly accurate and then encode lossless videos.

Syphon is a framework that shares video frames in real time between different software, and the recorder can make lossless videos from anything that uses Syphon.

Also I see you described CamTwist on the resources page as streaming software. I forgot to mention that it's actually video broadcast software and doesn't stream by itself. I listed it under streaming since it can be used to capture and manage video, then send the feed to stream software. Sorry I wasn't clear.


Right, I added the missing stuff, I hope it's fine :)

French Southern Territories

How about adding Mishira as a streaming resource ?


Mishira is a good alternative, but it's still in alpha and will still be for a time. But if people want to try, they can still download it on : The important thing is to warn them this is still an alpha.

Bavaria, Germany

While I realize there is no real 'mission statement' for the resources page, the goal of the page currently is more to provide users with a short set of things they need to get started, not an exhaustive list of every streaming tool, every timer etc. That'd make the page as it currently is way too messy.

Mishira is a good example of this. While I don't want to deter anyone from using it (in fact, I even posted about it when it was first released ), as Madzinah mentioned it's still an alpha and I don't feel like it would fit in a short list of 'essential' resources.

(Sidenote: It seems that Mishira hasn't been updated at all since its first release 10 months ago, so it's probably dead?)


I heard about a join effort from both Mishira and OBS teams to work on something so I'm quite sure the project is at least paused. So Mishira is not really a software we could recommend.

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Yeah, Mishira died and won't be worked on anymore.

United States

The TimeSplitTracker version linked above is very old. Current version per Dunnius's channel page (

Bavaria, Germany

Thanks, I've updated it (the other links should all be up-to-date again as well, although they weren't quite as bad).


Request to add DXWnd to the resources. It is a program to make older games, that only support full screen, play in windowed mode.

I had a hard time trying to find something that made GTA: San Andreas tab out of the game easier to use chat or configure something in OBS. Actually bought a second monitor just so I could check if my timer didn't mess up. With this program speedrunning older games on a single monitor is less of a pain. Windows doesn't reinitialize video every time it loses focus on the game like it would in full screen.