Question regarding guides section.
2 years ago
Florida, USA

How are "guides" added to the section under a game? What exactly qualifies as a "guide"? Specific to techniques regarding speedrunning or?

Do moderators add those or do users submit them? I'm new and couldn't quite figure it out from the site and could not find a forum search option, so I apologize if this is redundant.

Anyone with a verified run in the game can create a guide, which you can do by going to the guide section and clicking on the three dots that appear if you've got a run in the game.

As to what qualifies as a guide, that's currently entirely up to what the person making it feels best. I haven't found any widely used "guide to writing guides" around here yet myself, but O.D.W.'s post in this thread is a decent start. Note that you can also make a video guide and just embed the youtube link, too.

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Florida, USA

Thank you for your reply. I am interested to work on and submit some runs in the future, so perhaps I will also do that as well being that you must first submit a speedrun for the game.


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