Individual levels not showing up on a game
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Individual levels not showing up on a game
Indiana, USA

i submitted a game a few days ago and entered categories and ILs but the ILs ar not showing up. i want to submit an IL run but i cant. this is the game


You need to add a category (or more) for your ILs as well before you can submit anything to them.

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Ontario, Canada

to create IL's if your have moderation access to the "games edit" page feature, you need to set up the IL's properly and makes sure you have named the IL's and the categories are set up for them. Make sure they are named, have specific rules and easy to read and follow, the number of players required for the IL/Category and tick the box if its a misc/just for fun category or not.

Make sure as well that Main games info is set up to properly show by default - Full-game runs or IL runs. Make sure that you hit that save button and then submit or check for any runs that require verification, this includes your own.

To have a run show up, the run must be Verified and accept by the Mods of the game(s). If you are a mod of the game then you need to do the following when submitting runs for yourself. You need to make sure near the bottom of the submit run page for the IL for the game or w/e etc you check the box that says "Automatically verify Run". that should have your run show up now that it's verified, if you have any pending runs there will be a notification in the Shield icon next to your name on the top right, click it for the drop down and check the notifications that way.

Ame similar process should apply, hope at least some of this is valid and helps.