Bug Fixes & Improvements Update #1
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Bug Fixes & Improvements Update #1

Hey everybody! I’ve got an update about some bug fixes and quality of life improvements from the last week. Let's take a peek shall we?

##Bug Fixes

  • Forum pagination fix
  • Added wrapping to leaderboard guides body text
  • Prevented multiple submissions for speedruns and game news
  • Fixed bug where resource edit/delete links were not visible if the resource had no author
  • Fixed bug where some game resource uploads with a release date of today would be rejected
  • Fixed bug where unread direct messages would not have notification
  • Brought back the missing “Sort levels alphabetically” button inside “Edit Game - Categories”
  • Fixed the links in the Game Stats WR History graph for individual level runs (More improvements to this area are planned)
  • Added “mark all as read” button to Direct Messages
  • Improve performance of messages pages
  • Allow lsl and lss file uploads for game resources
  • Improved file type help text when uploading resource files
  • Minor fixes to user blocking behavior

That’s it for now! This is a list of fixes and improvements that have already been updated on the site. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through a list of known issues. Additional updates are coming soon. We are committed to improving the user experience on Speedrun.com through bug fixes, improvements to current features as well as developing new features. If you’d like to help with this process, please submit your bug reports and feedback to the Support Hub to ensure it gets seen!

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Can we bugfix the font

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Thanks for the update. I’m still waiting on a fix to the mobile leaderboard formatting; hopefully that comes next. Along with better forum moderation.

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Nice update! Please make it easier to add many IL categories, right now it's a pain having to scroll back up only to create one category when it gets to about 16. Having the create level button also at the bottom of the list would solve the issue

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We've had more updates in the past 3 weeks than in the past 9 months, really enjoying the new site activity 🙂

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It's worth nothing that the majority of said updates are bugfixing and such. Bugfixing that wouldn't be necessary with a beta testing team.

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Nice update! At least this one is less polarizing than a few previous updates and it aims towards mending mistakes from the past, so I'll give you that.

That being said, here's some things that I think flew under the radar when giving feedback for the last update:



Issues with these photos:

  1. "Last visited" date for "Followed Games" is shown in local language while the rest is always in english, which is a bit annoying to read (see Photo #1).
  2. Dates for "Recent Runs" are also shown in local language while the rest of the widget is in english, which is a bit better than point 1 but is still quite the contrast (see Photo #2).
  3. Dates for "Recent Runs" sometimes show the run as done "Tomorrow", with the cause being that this widget in particular is using the client's local date as reference instead of comparing against UTC or whatever (see Photo #2, first run was done "mañana" = "tomorrow").
  4. Even if IL runs show up inside the "Recent Runs" widget, I have no way to distinguish which level in particular they belong to, making it a bit confusing. Maybe add an extra column to account for this (or perhaps show this info with a tooltip for the category, with an info icon to show the tooltip is there)?

Minor gripes for sure, but it'd be great to see them fixed.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

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Category and subcategory displays are still very bad for any game with more than 5-6 categories or any game that has 4+ subcategories. Again, please go back to displaying all of them in multiple rows, dynamically determine how many to show based on text (with 4, there's often room to show them all this is just terrible usability), or better yet give leaderboard mods the option to show all or have the paging on categories.

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Queensland, Australia

Uploading a .lss file to the splits section of a resources page didn't work but .zip works fine.

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Moderation hub seems to be kind of broke too...

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nice, can't wait for the (statics) WR page improvements

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