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8 years ago
Indiana, USA

OK so i requested a game a few weeks ago and have been checking on it, and i noticed today that for some reason there is 2 extra moderators on the game page, but not only that they are super moderators. why did this happen. also i checked my other page and i'm still the only one there. it is weird because i didn't add extra moderators.

Cambridgeshire, England

They are series moderators, and are added to a game by default when it's accepted.

Gelderland, Netherlands

If you talking about then it might have happend in the movement of the game to the looney tunes series.

When you requested it the game landed in Other series probly and with cleaning up the other series the game got moved.

If i said anything wrong the admins/full mods will correct me with a post i guess ffzAWOOO

V you can always check the series by clicking on the name. and its not empty

Indiana, USA

yeah but it took weeks and im pretty sure it is the on ly game in the series but im not sure about that.

Indiana, USA

ok yeah that would probably be it trollbear

Indiana, USA

also how did you know which game i was talking about

Gelderland, Netherlands

I can see on your profile ( which games you are a mod of. the rabbits one your the only mod of and the other one was with 3 guys.