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I have the same small grievance as Bismuth but with the word Fraud.

In the saints row section it is a frequently used word and the emoticon coming up is annoying.


I'd like it if it was possible to filter what game subforum I see on my forum page. For example, I'd like to have the Turok series subforum at hand but it's waaaaay down after 50 series I don't give a shit about and a lot of empty ones, too. Maybe you can already do that and I'm dumb?

North Brabant, Netherlands

It would also be nice to reply to a comment you see in a thread. But you already use a like button on the forums.

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New York, USA

More consoles need to be added. My main issue is the lack of TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine, but I'll list more systems with runs as I find them: TurboGrafx-16, PC-Engine (together) Virtual Boy Computers: MSX, PC-98, PC-FX, X68000, Amiga, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum Original Game Boy (separate from GBC for some games, should be it's own system)

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forum thread search? Unless I am missing it. OMGScoots

Gelderland, Netherlands

Something that has been bothering me is that the site top bar says forums but the link is forum. Shouldnt it be uniform or is it intented?

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It would be awesome if, for games that already have a leaderboard somewhere else on the internet, there were game pages with just a link to the other leaderboard.

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Well in the case of Legend of Zelda, Zelda 2, Faxanadu, and Kung Fu, I'm just trying to move the nintendo-records/red candle boards here :D

United Kingdom

I might be in the minority here, but would it be possible to get the graphical series page back as a possible sorting option in the games list? I found it much more visually appealing, and simpler to find games that I was looking for just because scanning for logos/art is easier than reading text. I know the alphabetical series page fufills the same thing, I'm just wondering if anyone else enjoyed the more graphical approach over the wall of text.

EDIT: Also the moderation page lower section (Add moderator, category etc) doesn't work on IE11. Clicking any of the text doesn't make the text entry box show up. Fine on Firefox.

EDIT2: and another thing, PAL is listed as EUR only, but Australia/NZ also use PAL (AUS?)


With all the new forums added, could there be a way to pin your favourites to the top? I don't wanna scroll half way down the page to get to GTA OpieOP

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The Games section of the forum isn't expanding in a practical manner at the moment so some navigation changes will be necessary eventually. Pinning forums is also a good idea, but I imagine the forum changes will take quite a bit of time.

MLSTRM: (Graphical series) Having the option available is probably good for now, at least for series, since Pac already had that implemented on the front page at one point. We're at about 100 series right now, so I'm unsure if the page will expand too much as the site grows to make supporting that practical later on. I think the games sort is expanding to be large enough for that to not really be practical. I personally find it difficult to discern some games/series from box art/images, so I don't think it should be the default. It may be reasonable to save the user preference on image/text for the series page as well.

Pac is working on some other stuff, so I'm not sure where these items falls on priority.


Any thoughts about being able to choose both colours for the navbar shading ? It's always "chosen colour->black-ish" for top to bottom but I'd like to have a single colour, not a shading. A solution would be to be able to choose both colours, so that if people want to have more fancy shadings they can do that too :)

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Is there way to capitalize the nick or something like this?

Thanks for the site, Pac.

[quote=tozino]Is there way to capitalize the nick or something like this?[/quote]You want me to change your name to Tozino?

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yes please, Pac

Arizona, USA

I am very disappointed that you are not choosing to add games to the list whose communities don't agree with being here. SRL made a strong stand that a global leaderboard for all games would be a place for display data, and they would list times regardless of the runners want to be on the site.

So when they announced would be the continuation of their leaderboard project, I was hoping the policies remain the same. This site should exist as a place for people to find times and runs for every game, it's absurd I have to go to another site to find times when they could easily be listed here.

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An option to add the name of the emulator would be useful. It could show up, when you hover over the [Emu] after the console name. Could there be some list of "similiar games" on the menu on the left for games that are basically the same, but on different pages like "Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario All-Stars" or on multi-game pages like N64 Triathlon it could link to each individual game? This should not replace Series, but just show games that are much more related than usual. Some indication next to links like "Guides" and "Resources" that it's not empty would be nice. At the moment I usually don't bother to check, because it's empty most of the time. If it showed the number of guides or tools as in "Guides (3)", one could see that it's not empty or that a new guide has been added. EDIT: Maybe just some indication like "NEW" that something changed on that page since the last visit (or that there is something at all on the page) would be best.

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I agree with i_o_l on emulator names in the table. That would be great for Zelda 2 FDS as well, for Powerpak vs Everdrive for people running on flash carts. Which isn't really... emulated fully but having a spot on the table for notes like that would be nice.

Really minor thing, but the main forums page always indicates that there are new posts in every forum even when that is not the case.

Even less important, the background is visible through some (short?) forum posts, could be intentional though. Looks like this:

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Hi Healbus,

A small number of largely developed communities are understandably reluctant to duplicate the data and have two places to manage things.

Some ideas have been thrown around to address this such as just linking to other reputable sites or having some sort of API between the two. I don't much care for the linking solution because it can require our users to get accounts at other sites to submit runs. Linking would also prevent our users from having runs for that game tracked on their profile, which does not seem ideal. Having an API brings up similar questions of who is hosting the source of the data and who defines and maintains the specifications for the format as categories change over time. Doubling data isn't ideal, but I also don't like precluding our site from adding games, so eventually some solution will have to be reached that probably can't address everything. See also this thread for discussion on PBs, for which the decision on that may affect how/if we interact with community leaderboards:

We can figure out a hard stance on this if necessary, but as we continue to evaluate expansion, we may come to a better conclusion over time. If the community feels like we need to make a discussion thread to come closer to a conclusion now, we can do that. The end goal is to support all games in some fashion, and I would consider the current state of adding games to be somewhat temporary as the site continues to organize and improve.

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