Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
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Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
Pays de la Loire, France

@Amery Parking Fury: Bob-chicken can request the removal of that super moderator by using that thread. / Parking Fury 2: Bob-chicken is a Super Moderator so they can remove other moderators if there's a need. / Parking Fury 3: You require a pending or verified run on the leaderboard.

Did you as well tried to reach them so they can eventually remove themselves?

@Daliddor You can remove yourself by going on Edit game -> Moderators -> click on the 3 dots after your name -> Remove moderator. Before removing yourself if there's a user who've a pending or verified run, feel free to reach them to see if you can add them before removing yourself.

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Pays de la Loire, France

@ivanpaduano They're both active on Twitter and have their direct messages open to everyone, please try to reach them in there about your pending runs.


Hi, currently mod Edenal in inactive, last online 1 year ago, can we upper my status mod to super mod?


I would like to request moderation of the game Flaming Core ( the mod of the game has been inactive for over a month and my run has been pending for a while. I also have attempted contact with afnannen136 ( by discord but did not get an answer.

United States

The mods on Roblox Prison Life are inactive. I have a run in waiting for 2 months, ( Dec 31, 2020). Yes 2 of them are not a part of the community, but the other is on pretty frequently.

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Indiana, USA

I would like to request moderation for the Shadowrun Returns board. My pending run has been left unviewed for two weeks, and the current board mod has not logged on in 5 months. Efforts to contact have not helped. I appreciate the help!

United States

Requesting moderation for Mandalore isn't active for this game, and I've been waiting a few weeks now to get my run re-approved after being approved 2 months ago (had to update my submission video). Before 2 months ago, Mandalore hadn't been online for a year.

Hi, I'm requesting to be added to a moderator of the Hot Dog Hero leaderboard ( The sole moderator has been inactive for 6 months and I have a run pending. Thanks.

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Regarding my last forum post concerning 2 super mods on jumpcraft. Bluecrystal answered me that there was no reason for him to be supermod but that he never bothered removing himself. Still haven't got an answered from Illumina ( probably won't ever ).

Edit: bluecrystal removed themself from supermod

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Cantabria, Spain The mod of the game has been inactive for 3 weeks and my run has been pending for a while. I also have attempted contact with Raziel for MD and I did not receive an answer

Stockholm, Sweden

@StaleCorn just going to leave this here:

Runs Awaiting Verification: ROBLOX Prison Life Fullgame: 113 Individual Level: 0 Total: 113 (provided by discord bot

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Coral Springs, FL, USA

Runs awaiting verification [SOLO] Fastest Opposite Corner [PRIVATE SERVER] 1st Saints_Static 1m 21s PC

United States

I'm requesting to remove TreeOfYogurt and NT-Arcanum as Super Moderators on . They haven't logged in for years and it's impossible to contact them with their current social medias.

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South Dakota, USA

Hello, I was a super moderator for NBA Live 2001, and ElectableRuby31 wanted to have me drop to verifier and give him super mod. I accidentally removed myself as moderator, so now I am asking if there is any way that I can add myself back and also add ElectableRuby31?

Virginia, USA

I would like to be made moderator of Mad Max (2015)

Since the only moderator is currently inactive for over four years, their youtube has not been uploaded to in 4 years, and their twitter appears abandoned, I would also like them to be removed and for myself to be made the Super Moderator for the game.

I have had a run sitting in the queue for a month, and after I showed this game at a showcase there are people interested in the game, but the leaderboard needs some work and someone to be able to approve runs.

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Svalbard and Jan Mayen
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago - Chryoyo is no longer active and I have moderation of all the other series boards except this one, being added would be much appreciated.



I would like to become a super moderator for . There are currently two super moderators for it and both have been inactive for 8 months and 1 year. I have a pending run (3 months old as of now) for it as well.

Thanks and if you need more info on anything I'll make sure to provide it.

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