Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
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Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
Kentucky, USA

I’ve read the requirements, and I have met them now. I’m requesting to be a moderator of Yo-Kai Watch 2 ( The moderators haven’t been online in 2 months and 1 year respectively, and there was no answer when I dmed them 3 months ago and a week ago. I have a run on the boards (been on there for over 2 months).

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Hello the Red Sword Mod Phillip for Clash of Clans hasnt verified any runs in 3+ Months and SG_Booky and me want him removed so we can have a new Red Sword Mod.

Phillip is ignoring my Messages on and Twitter for 1+ Week.

I would really like him to be removed since he doesnt do anything to moderate runs and all future runs he verifed where completly off time or in a wrong category,he doesnt care about the moderation and the Game itself.

EDIT: For 4 Days i dont get any Notifications about any beaten WR,new runs etc.

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New Jersey, USA

@IslandGoSAMe Added for Empty., Rgadoll Cannon 1, 2 and 3. Will be declining your request for the Ragdoll series as the current activity does not require series moderation.

@Woz99 I will let Shadow handle this.

@x_sickness_x The mods are active, so contact them about verifying your run/making you a moderator.

@skye Bumped you and removed the other super mod.

@SaggingRufus The moderator is active on other social medias and (as I'm typing this) streaming on Twitch. Please try to contact them again.

@moyashi_3 You have to enable e-mail authentication before we can add you to the board.

@junkyard_dave Added. Please fix the boards.

@TheCarcosanManic Added.

@Firewall Added and removed the super mod.

@sakelig As they are active and you have said that you've been in contact with them, please ask them to grant you leaderboard moderation.

@sugarshrek You don't meet the contact requirements and you have no pending run, so this will be denied.

@Shac0le Will be giving Phillip more time to respond as, mentioned previously, the notifications are broken.

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Requesting to be added to the mods for Nosferatu (Snes), the current moderator has been inactive for over 6 years and the game is currently picking up some interest.

leaderboard for devil daggers ( needs a new mod. shac0le is lying about having a 17 minute pb

the following website is synced with the devil daggers leaderboard

as you can see the average total play time for a player with a 17 minute (~1020 second) pb is 1 million seconds

shac0le has played the game for 885 seconds in total which is literally less than 17 minutes and his confirmed pb is 69 seconds

also shac0le if you read this there is an active community for this game across a couple of discord servers and we are laughing at you

Connecticut, USA

Currently, the game Ragdoll Cannon 1 is shown as an 'unofficial release' in the Ragdoll Cannon series . This is incorrect because Ragdoll Cannon 1 is 100% an official game. I understand that the game series does not meet the requirements to be its own series, but in order to change this incorrect categorization of the game, I do need to become series moderator.

Therefore, I am requesting to become series moderator, and also requesting removal of the current moderator, who has been inactive for 3 years.

If this is not possible, then I would request that this quick fix would be made by some Full Mod who has the power to do so.

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Andalusia, Spain

Not a request, just a question, How long takes to verify or reject the requests in this forum?

Made an account here just to support the post from dagger2834092, shac0le should not be moderating the Devil Daggers leaderboard. He first submitted and approved a run of his own claiming to be 19min, which would have been WR even according to the in-game leaderboard, linking an unavailable video claiming the file got corrupted, then later deleted that run and submitted and approved his current 17min run, again with no video evidence as well as contradicting in-game stats, this time claiming a bug that no other player in the community has dealt with. He has also rejected a run that was perfectly legit just because it showed stats in the VOD, showing lack of knowledge of the game and the tools accepted in the community.

That being said, I'll request to moderate the leaderboard if action is taken. I read that requests from fresh accounts can be denied outright, but for what it's worth I'm #8 currently on the in-game leaderboard, well known in the community, and knowledgeable about what's commonly accepted.

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Richmond, VA, USA

I would like to request the removal of inactive users DetectivexConan (last online 8 months ago, last moderation input in 2017) and QuadratClown (last online 2 years ago, last moderation input in 2017) from Super Moderators of please.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

@dagger2834092 as i mentioned in my run description and on the Steam Forum,my run is for some reason not showing up and the same problem has another user that his run isnt showing up and that he isnt getting the Achievment. :)

If the Devs wont respond to my E-Mail till Saturday i will remove my run and put it back up when the Problem is fixed so you can see my Video of the run.


@TSTAB I put in a false time by accident and i recorded my whole 17 Min run while i did it,while being uploaded to YT smth must have happened that the file broke :/

But as i said to Dagger already i will remove my run if the Developers wont react to my E-Mail till Saturday.


I will remove my run so there isnt a Drama in the Speedrunning and Devil Daggers Community.

I will add my run back onto the Leaderboard when i can provide a full Video after the Devs fixed the Bug that i have atm.

Third and last Edit:

I removed myself from the Leaderboard and as a Moderator for the Game because i dont want any bad blood between myself and the rest of the Devil Daggers Community.

I added TSTAB as Red Sword Mod.

I didnt removed myself because the Run was "fake",i removed myself because i dont want any unnecessary Drama and Problems within the Speedrunning Community.

I will send in a new Run after the Leaderboard Bug got fixed.

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United Kingdom

btrim: Last online: 3 weeks ago

lashazior: Last online: 3 months ago

Im asking for mod because current mods are inactive and im online regularly. I also know alot about the game.

New Jersey, USA

@k0zzx We require that you have a pending run in the game before accepting moderation requests.

@IslandGoSAMe Ragdoll Cannon is a Webgame, and Webgame's are listed as unofficial, so it will remain as such.

@Noice However long it takes for one of the Full Mods to get to it.

@Plumato Handled.

@trapmix Both moderators are active on other social medias. We require that you attempt to reach out to them.

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Hello, I submitted a run for Vainglory ( ), but both mods are inactive

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New York City, NY, USA

Requesting moderator for .

I have a run pending.

Only mod has been offline for at least a month. For social media, they list Twitter and Discord (the Discord account lacks a profile picture and might be unused); their Twitter DMs are closed, so I cannot reach out to them there, and they have not responded to the Discord friend request I sent them a week ago. I just sent them a message through, but given that they have not responded to the pending run, I doubt a message will do anything.

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California, USA

Requesting moderator for

I have had a run pending for three weeks.

The only Mod deleted themselves, and now the game has no mod. I cannot contact them because, like stated, they deleted themselves.

Arizona, USA

Requesting moderator for the Superflight leaderboard Both mods (@MrJackJack and @Iversiti) have both been offline for over a month many attempts were made to contact both mods by me and @Abyvs through Twitter and Discord with no responses both my and @Abyvs Superflight runs have yet to be verified for weeks

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Queensland, Australia

requesting moderation for

The future of the leaderboards remains uncertain. somethings going on with the moderator (TetraxZ), he's deleted all of his runs and has put out a tweet that has gotten people worried, can't see it cause his twitter is now private. tried reaching out to him in all social medias but he has yet to respond. tried contacting him on discord but he unfriended me for some reason. I'm worried that he might do something bad to himself and I'm not sure what to do. the best all I could do is request mod so I can keep the leaderboards active.

Manitoba, Canada

Hello, I am looking to be Moderator for the game Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament. I created the page for the game years ago, and i wasn't made moderator somehow. I am the only runner for the game, and the page doesn't even have a picture. I am already a moderator for several other games and would take proper care of the page. I tried to contact the moderator but no response from him. Thank you

Andalusia, Spain

@starsmiley oh ok, i asked that because i submited a leaderboard moderation request a week ago, i hope it gets readed soon


@starsmiley In regards to @GodMaster472 's post I have sent dms to you on twitter and discord with my concerns for the moderator TetratxZ (health concerns)

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