Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
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Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)
French Southern Territories

IQ Ball does not have a super mod they have not been active for 3 yrs.

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Puerto Rico

Could you remove as a mod from he hasnt been online in 10 months and has no contact information


Hey! I would like to apply as a Moderator for the Game Hypixel Server Parkour ( ). The 2 Mods: "Awesomecuber" and "LastHope" both weren't online for 3 Months. I tried to contact both of them but no one replied to my messages on Discord and as I tried on Twitter I couldn't message them. There are not that many Mods in that Game so I would like to help out and become a Mod or a Verifier so that no one has to wait. I'm a really active player and could easily Verify every Submission quickly! I hope I can help to make this even greater!

  • Zavlon7

Hey, I would like to apply as a Moderator for the Game Fifa 20: ( ). It's obvious that that's a new game with only 1 Moderator ( ) he wasn't online for 4 weeks. I would like to help him out because I play that Game too and there are none Categories set for that game yet. Even if its done so many People will do a Speedrun that he needs someone to do that. Simply, it would be better if he would get some help with that.

  • Zavlon7

Hello! I would like to request to moderate the game MegaMan Sprite Xmas ( I have had a pending run for 8 months and the current moderator does not have any social media contacts and was last online 2 years ago. Thanks :)


@KaktusPrime Okay with adding you, but you please attach at least 2 of your own social media accounts to your SRC profile. Get back to me when done.

@Edweirdo Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. Get back to me when done.

@MRSS Added.

@cj_iwakura Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. You should also take that time to send a message to the mod if you haven't already. Get back to me when done.

@Jesse_Lee Removed and upped you to Super. That user can message support@Speedrun to regain access to their account.

@holipigicowi You don't moderate this game.

@Zavlon7 You need a pending run both games. Please read the first post as to how this thread works.

@DeJumbi Added.


@Daravae okay I'm sorry I didn't know that, but for the Game Fifa 20 there's no possibility to make a Run because it says: "No categories have been set for this Game yet" and the only Super Moderator is inactive for a few weeks now!

Kanagawa, Japan

Requesting to be upgraded to super-mod for ( ). This game is becoming more active due to the CV Collection, and there is a backlog of runs. I reached out to the current super-mod, with no response. He has not logged on for the last 7 months.

United States

Re-requesting mod status for Heroes of the Storm now that a few weeks have passed:

This game now only has one moderator, who has not logged in to this site for 1 year and is also completely inactive on the linked youtube and twitter accounts(for the past 7+ months). His listed Discord account no longer exists.

I have four pending runs with video, all not acted on within 3+ weeks.

Additionally as it's a continuously updated MOBA I would plan to split out the leaderboards by major patch. Most of the old records are no longer mathematically possible to beat on the live version of the game due to various nerfs over the past few years.

Madrid, Spain

Hello, im currently speedrunning Golf Zero (for Mobile) , and the only moderator has been offline for a month. Some people have been submitting runs but none of them has been verified so i wondered if i could get the moderator for that game.


Hello, I’m currently the only Moderator for the SCP game series, and I’m only a regular Mod, not a Super Mod. Is there any chance I could be bumped up to Super Mod since there are no other Moderators? Thanks

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Iowa, USA

I have two games that I am the only active moderator of (that also have one other inactive moderator), which are Hypixel Party Games and Kinect Sports Season 2. Both of them have one other Super Moderator, but neither of them do anything so I'm gonna explain why I'd like the other mods within those games to be removed.

For Kinect Sports Season 2: This one is very straightforward. Alaskaxp, the other moderator, was never interested in doing anything except his one run of golf in the first place. I eventually picked up the game, and after having my first golf run unverified for a long time, I reached out to him asking him to make me a moderator of the game, which he did after a few days. Since then I've expanded the leaderboards, done many more runs, and even gotten a couple of other active runners in the community (we have a discord group chat rather than a discord server because there's so few of us, but it's still a thing). He's been a lot less in to speedrunning than before in general so I don't blame him for this, I'm even a mod on his twitch channel so I don't care that he was inactive on this game but still because he doesn't do anything for the game anymore there's no reason he should be a moderator for it. He hasn't verified a single run either so I'm not losing anything. I'd add more moderators if it was reasonable but all the other people in the community are really young and I know mods are generally supposed to be 16+. Plus, I don't get enough runs to be stressed by it. Not even close. So I'll be okay unless one of the games I moderate suddenly pops off, and I'll deal with that at the time if it does happen.

For Hypixel Party Games: Months ago, maybe even a year, I had been inactive on SRC for 2 to 3 weeks or so and suddenly there was another moderator for Hypixel Party Games. I had no idea why. Nobody had reached out to me about why I was inactive, or posted anything on the game's SRC forums, or done anything about it, but I'm assuming at one point he might have submitted a request to be added as a mod? I don't really know. But he's verified like 3 to 5 runs ever if that, back when he got added, and for months since then he hasn't done anything for the game including verifying even a single run. Even if he did start actively involving himself in the community again, I couldn't trust him to be as thorough as I am, where I retime almost every run that is submitted and check carefully to make sure things are done correctly. The guy simply has never really done anything for the game and I'm not sure why or how he was added as a mod in the first place, so I don't see a reason to keep him as a mod. I was the one who took over for the old inactive mod a long time ago (back then, the game had a major update which made all of the categories invalid and it needed some immediate change which didn't happen despite my best efforts to contact him) and I've been keeping up perfectly since then without any outside help. I'd consider adding more mods for this game in the future but just don't know anyone who would be good for it yet, but regardless of that, for now I don't want a random inactive person having moderating powers on a leaderboard that I alone keep up with.

Thank you site mods for your time, I know there's a lot going on lately with the website being much more active and I want to say I appreciate all of you, you're doing a great job!

Iowa, USA

I actually found SharkAttack's old forum post from 11 months ago when he asked to be added as a Hypixel Party Games mod. Honestly I can see now why he was added back then, but everything I said in my above post is still valid. Even if my discord and youtube links didn't work back then, he still could have reached out on the forums to me about it, and he doesn't help with things even occasionally anymore. Plus I'm more active, more experienced, and a better moderator than I used to be back then so there shouldn't be any problems in the future. I'm sorry my post was so wordy but I'm just trying to explain things as well as I possibly can. Going in to even more detail than necessary usually isn't a bad problem to have.


@Zavlon7 Shoot me a DM on SRC and we'll figure this out.

@SmellyMctroll Removed them and upped you to Super.

@freeze457 Okay with adding you, but you need to activate "Require e-mail authentication" in your settings before I can even add you at all. Get back to me when done.

@Kkntucara Your oldest run(s) have not yet met the 21 day threshold. Take this time to message the mod and get back to me next week if you haven't received a reply from the mod by then.

@Lagloyavich Upped you to Super but, I would like to ask that you handle series moderation very carefully. As this series doesn't even actually require moderation as far as I can tell. Keeping it to one or two mods max would be preferable.

@ThatRaisinTho Send me a message about this in SRC DM's and we'll handle this further there.

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United States

@Daravae Enabled that setting now

Hey, The moderator of Street Racing Syndicate is inactive and hasn't been logged in for 4 months. I currently have a verified run and I would like to moderate the game and add a 100% category and individual levels.

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Hello. I posted to this thread a week ago in order to become a mod for a game called raze 2 - and I was told to come back in a week when my pending run has exceeded the 21 day threshold witch it has now so I am checking if I have now met the requirements to become a moderator or at least get my run verified by someone else.

New Jersey, USA

Hello. I have been trying to post a run for Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze and the mod has not been active for 3+ months. The run has been pending for over a month. Is there a way to gain moderation access or get my run verified?

Śląskie, Poland

Hey! A player named alex2007 made me a mod of freshly created luxor_4, but apparently he right away unmodded himself because I have a DM saying "can you please give me SM back". Point is, now I'm left as the only moderator, and we don't have an SM. I'm not asking you to give him the SM back, rather to promote me, because seeing how he made a mistake in the name of the game and created a rather weird category there makes me not trust him (and yeah he unmodded himself lol). Also the rules say I can't request it for other players but yeah. Though I don't have a run on the LB, I am perfectly familiar with Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife so it's not a problem; in fact sometime tomorrow I'll probably submit a game series request for Luxor because now we have 3 games on sr.c, two of which I'm a moderator of. Edit: I do intend to give alex at least a regular Moderator role back, I'm adding this so it doesn't seem like I'm trying to hijack a game lol

TL;DR I'm the only mod for luxor_4, I want to be promoted to SM. Thanks in advance

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Île-de-France, France

Hey, I would like to become moderator of the game "The Pink Panther Passport to Peril" (here's the link : I have a run awaiting verification, and the only one moderator of the game isn't active on the site since 4 month, already. I can't contact him with his social medias and tried to contact him directly on the site. I also already know that a few people will soon also submit their runs for this game. I specify that I don't want to take the place of the current moderator, he's the one who asked this game for this site, so he deserve to keep his status in my opinion, but I just want to take care of the game. Thanks you in advance for your answer!