Requesting series/game types for existing games
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Requesting series/game types for existing games

wew. nvm. but it seems you're not the only one that wants to make it a series, so w/e.

but yeah give torrent a chance to respond. Saying he doesn't seem to care because he hasn't reworked the entire leaderboard or made you super mod within 17 hours seems ridiculous.

some people don't realize that regular mods don't have the same privileges as super mods, so ask him to make you super mod, either in the forum or on his twitter. be patient


wait for him to respond


Uh, he responded to you an hour ago dude, be more patient. I've contacted him on twitter just for you. Use the forums specific to that game and/or series in the future.

Can you make a Hypixel series? I request it here because this leaderboards: Hypixel Server Parkour Hypixel - Turbo Kart Racers Hypixel SkyWars Hypixel BedWars Hypixel SkyClash Set as Minecraft series. Thanks


I must have missed the option to set this game as a fan game and modification. And apparently only a full mod can do such a thing. I'm in no hurry to get it changed, just whenever one of you guys get to it :)

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UbuntuJackson have some damn patience dude. This is not a job for anyone, this is something we do in our free time, and the majority of us do it for fun. Take a step back and give people time to do shit. If it's been a week or so and nothing happens maybe try a ¤FRIENDLY¤ reminder. That entire conversation you had was in the span of six hours. Most people sleep more than six hours a day, so it's very possible that for the entire conversation where you were being an impatient twat one of the people that can do something about it was sleeping.


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Being on everyday does not entitle you to be a moderator, let alone super mod.

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Yes, this is the right thread, but talking about it with the game moderators is important, too. The thread on the game's forum came to the conclusion a series isn't necessary.

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Ian07: I asked one of the other site staff members to sort out some of the Minecraft tags. They seem really inconsistent across the series.

Quivico: I'm not a huge fan of games being in a series just because a developer made a couple games. If my perception is not correct, please provide details.

UbuntuJackson: I'd probably personally rather it stay in one game if possible as to not clutter the searchbar when we look for Mario games. Map packs of a PC fangame of a really popular series doesn't seem like something that really warrants a series in my opinion.

ReverseVideo: Having series for individual Minecraft servers seems a little over the top.

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Family Feud (for SNES) was a game page. I requested an old MS-DOS version, and got it.

Now both just need to be added to a Family Feud series that does not yet exist.


EDIT: ignore this post. It was a request to change a game's name because I thought I needed an admin to do it. I seem to remember being unable to change game names in the past, but either I was just a total noob then or that got changed. I've solved the problem now.

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Hiya, I would like to be listed under category extensions

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Make this a Category Extension please.

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Could be made into a category extension please.


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Can you put Bejeweled Twist in the Bejeweled series please, Thanks.

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I'd like to request a "Flappy Golf" series for Flappy Golf and Flappy Golf 2

Also, a "Super Stickman Golf" series for Super Stickman Golf 2 and Super Stickman Golf 3

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I'd like to request ''Mörköpeli'' to a fangame instead of webgame.

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Hi the fans! Would it be possible to put this game in the series of "Multi-game"? Thank you :)