Remove name from runs I didn't do
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Remove name from runs I didn't do

Hello, there are runs on my profile for Brawlhalla and Lunch Lady that I have no involvement with and I don't know how to remove my name from them. It is kind of funny but please help.

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Send a message to the moderators for that game and ask them to remove your name.

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All those runs are multi-player speedruns which were submitted by other people, and one of the players in those runs has the in-game username "cosmic" or "dark_cosmic". They submitted the name "cosmic" as the secondary player, without regard to check if that name is already taken by an existing account on the site.

So the moderators will either have to change the name to the actual sr.c account of the player; or they could add a flag to the name, which automatically disconnect the name from any exist sr.c account.

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Hello @Cosmic,

I've taken the liberty of removing your name from those Brawlhalla runs.

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