[Suggestion] About hiding and showing rules
8 years ago

Hey, right now you can only show or hide rules as a hard value.

It would be nice for games that require larger rules sections to have an option that allows to auto-hide the rules after a certain number of visits if logged in (maybe after the first, second or third visit?) to make sure new people see the rules and existing runners dont get annoyed by walls of text.

Maybe it would also be nice to have that auto reset when the rules get edited so that new rules or changes to them will be obvious even to existing runners.

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Also, what XeiZ didn't said is that his request is linked with the "new rules" on Portal 1 that makes really long text and that's not very pleasant to read if you are a newbie and just want to watch the leaderboard or if you already know all the rules. http://www.speedrun.com/Portal#No_OoB1 <= Big rules