Single-segment run on Ps4 that is longer than 15min
Single-segment run on Ps4 that is longer than 15min

Hello everybody,

I just started running Payday2 on Ps4. Got a couple of 1-day heist run submitted, but now im looking at the 2 and 3 days heists. My problem is that it will more than likely take me over 15mins ( the max you can record at once on Ps4 ) and the rules says it need to be a single segment. So is there anything i can do that would be accepted? I dont have a capture card and i dont stream.


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Idk how the PS4 works with regards to that but it doesn't look like it if you can't do longer than 15 mins. Except for, I suppose, getting a webcam or another camera to just record the screen.


I also play primarily on the PS4, and what I do is stream to twitch, and have the "archive video" setting thing turned on so it records my videos. Then I go to "highlight" and cut the video to the run that I'll be submitting.

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8 years ago

The other option is getting a capture card, but those cost money. :P

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FoxAndRavens : Yes that is the problem, maximum recording time is 15min and for a webcam that record my tv, i dont think it would give a good quality in my opinion (depending on the webcam and setup you use i guess but meh) Thanks for the suggestion tho!

CloakyHunter : ok yeah thats probably what im going to do then, thanks!

Klashik : yes i don't want to invest into this mainly because i just do this for fun, i don't plan to become a serious runner but thanks anyway!


twitch streaming is your best bet if you do not have capture equiptment or do what I used to with IL's and point a camera phone towards the tv and record every attempt lol


You can use the record function, it's just a bit tricky. You need to press the share button just before the run. This ensures that the recording starts at the right time. Not sure if it has been fixed, but in the past if you didn't do this you might not have the actual last 15 minutes saved when you next time press the share button.

Then during the run choose a fitting place where to record the first part, like a cutscene or any other part where it least interrupts the play. Just make sure it's before the 15min is full. Press the share button once, then press square to make sure the video is saved and quit back to the game. Depending on the length of the run you might need to do this more than once. To make sure you don't go over 15 minutes you can do it every 10-12 minutes.

I don't see the problem with that, as long as you go instantly back to the game. I guess technically you use couple of seconds of realtime per video saved.

One thing that I realized thought, is that you shouldn't save the video on loading screens. The game will load normally while you are in the share menu, so say it takes 2s for you to get to the menu, save the video, and continue, that 2s will be cut from the loading screen in the final video.

Then just copy the files to a usb stick, and use a video editor on computer to make a video of the full run.


The problem i see with multiple 15mins video is that it kinda becomes segmented, and the rules say single-segment run only. Not sure if im right on this point, but ill be using the streaming function of the Ps4 instead.


Well segmented run refers to actually doing single segments over and over until you get a good run, then moving to the next one, not how you record the video.

But streaming works fine as well, so do what ever works for you best.


Yes ill ask the mods about it because i dont have a very good upload speed and it causes the stream to pause for a few seconds and rested after, losing some frames

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As was stated by Klashik, Serious runners would find a way to invest into getting a decent capture card to record. Makes things allot easier and you are able to keep a local copy as back up just encase. <3

Mean time just set your PS4/Xbone to stream right to twitch, you do not need archiving on since it won't keep any vods longer then 2 weeks anyways. But once you do have a run(s) done you can go and highlight them and cut them out of the past broadcast and then submit those, just make sure the time is verifiable and maybe also locally record time as a percaution and submit that as well with the splits uploaded here maybe as well.