Question about LiveSplit
Question about LiveSplit
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Please don't bite my head off far asking this here, I don't really know of anywhere else there might be people who know lots about the program.

My brother has some dashcam footage from when he took his car to a track day. He wants ME to time the laps, and put livesplit in the video, which he will then upload to youtube.

Is there a way to make LiveSplit do the following;

Instead of show time lost and gained in a split ("-0.5" or "+3.7") show the actual "lap" time instead Get rid of the main time at the bottom, as it isn't really relevant At the bottom show "Fastest lap" As in, show the fastest lap so far.

Thinking about it, I guess this is actually about speedrunning, except it's RL speedrunnning. In a car. Around a track.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, Yes, you can show the actual "lap", you can edit the layout, then click on the "Splits" inside the Layout Editor, then scroll down and you'll find everything about the column and you can display what you want and remove the ("-0.5" or "+3.7") Yes, it's possible to get rid of the main time at the botton, you just have to edit the layout and remove the timer. I am not sure it's possible to get the Fastest lap thing.

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You can go into Edit Layout -> (+) -> Timer -> Detailed Timer. The Detailed Timer will not only show the overall time, but also the Segment Time. If you have one Segment per Lap, that would then show the Lap Time. Unfortunately there's not really a way to define that all laps should use the same segment, as that's never the case in normal speedrunning, because you always progress, while in a car race, you always start from the beginning with each lap (unless you do an actual race, and not time trial). So yeah, I could maybe make you a special build that always uses the same segment, but other than that, you'll have to use one split per lap.

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" I could maybe make you a special build" Wow, it's very nice of you.