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Hello I have a question. Can I use Citra (3ds emulator) for speedrun? I have bought the game and a 3ds but it's easier to speedrun in my computer..; Can i submit runs with citra?


It depends on the game, some probably allow it but it's not a good idea since it's very inaccurate.

Midi-Pyrénées, France

Majoras mask 3d


Not allowed there

Click on "Submit Run", it shows "Emulators are banned", if that isn't there you can look in the forums what emulators are banned

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Midi-Pyrénées, France

ok thank you! I don't understand why... :/


Citra is designed to optimize performance. In other words, it intentionally optimized itself to perform better than original hardware. I believe it had some old videos showing it loading and playing A Link Between Worlds faster than a rea 3DS.

Since it optimized itself that way, it’s banned for being inaccurate compared to real hardware.

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Why not making an own category for Emus, like in SM64 or is citra even inaccurate between 2 Runs? Than it makes sense, that this emulator is banned.


You can suggest that with the games mods

But actually, a lot of games aren't even beatable because the emulator isn't good enough

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I've been trying to find a selection of games that DO allow the emulator since all that I've checked are either not on the website or don't allow it. This site doesn't have much in the way of a blacklist / whitelist either.


Blacklist/whitelist for... what exactly? Also, probably wasn't necessary to bump a 2 year old thread for this.