Games you're shocked or impressed that others speedrun!
Games you're shocked or impressed that others speedrun!
North Carolina, USA

Are there any games out there that you never expected a person to speedrun? Games that seriously shocked you or impressed you?

I was seriously surprised when I noticed that people speedrun The Getaway on PS2. It's so dam difficult and definitely luck based when it comes to enemies in some areas. Dam I was also seriously shocked when I saw how fast the speedrunner "BloodGodRage" went through the mansion level with the laser beams. Man I was really shocked when I saw speedruns of Jet Force Gemini for N64. I never thought anyone would speedrun it considering how annoying and tedious the game is when it comes to having to collect all the Tribal creatures. The last game that was quite a shock to me that a person speedrun was Shadow Man 64. Shadow Man is my number 1 favorite n64 game and It was also the hardest game I've ever played. There's ALOT of backtracking in the game whenever you get new items and abilities to get all the Dark Souls. And I was really impressed with some of the skips.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I was first surprised this game made it's way to this site, as the game is full of unskippable cutscenes and only a few skips. But it eventually became entertaining for me and here I am, just 1 minute behind world record.

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I was literally in awe when I saw "CotySA" speedrunning Splinter Cell (the first one, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory). It was my first time when I saw someone dominating the game like that. Later on, his WR has been beaten by "crasset" which was even more awesome.

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South Carolina, USA

Some masochists did runs of Sonic Shuffle. I'd thought about it myself, but after a single board took me hours to complete, I decided against such a course of action.

I'm also still somewhat surprised by the people running Kaizo-type games.

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Washington, USA
She/Her, They/Them
4 years ago

Solomon's Key, just run at this last GDQ. It's commonly considered one of the most difficult games ever made. Now obviously, when you complete it and have the solutions known, that part doesn't matter so much. But completing it even once is the hard part.

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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 100% is all I am going to say.

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New York, USA

90% of the flash games on this site. Namely the Google Doodles and point and click games.

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United States

But a few of the Google Doodles are like real games.

Seterra. It's not that usual to see speedrunners be serious about running running any educational games, except for games like these speedrunning has no benefits. By the way it's a geography game and maybe the only game I could think about running. Edit: Also it's one of the top 10 ranked games on this site by number of players.

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Victoria, Australia

de Blob 2. One of my favourite childhood games, and it had a surge in speedrunning last year. I even got WR on an IL!

Richmond, VA, USA

Any game over 4 hours long that doesn't have a spot for bathroom breaks :P

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some Digimon Game That try to kill runner heath in the run in RTA

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Pennsylvania, USA

I figure if it's a video game it's here

North Carolina, USA

Reader Rabbit 2nd Grade monkaS

Pennsylvania, USA

I was shocked to see an RTA in Sorcerer's Kingdom. It's such an obscure game that nobody really talks about. Saw the TAS years ago but didn't think it was possible in any quick fashion, though I also never really tried either. To my knowledge, outside of the TAS there's only 1 runner other than myself. Would love to get more people running the game.