Rules/settings question
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For example say you have a basketball game and you see people playing it on certain settings 0-100 but, there's no settings in the general rules or settings. Now does that mean it's open game? In other words does it matter if it's losers or winners out, does it matter how long of a length you choose for the periods? I think if the rules are not specified it should be open game tell me your thoughts?



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I mean, if rules for a game don’t specify something (like difficulty to play on) you should probably ask the mods of the game for clarification first and foremost. While you could technically do a run with whatever rules you feel like if the LB doesn’t specify them, it’s just polite to ask the mods first so you don’t send the wrong message by exploiting vague rules.

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Better to always have the rules specified so everyone follows them and the runs can be accepted consistently.

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